Turkish Exporters Assembly Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi gave a declaration about the coup attempt against democracy and said that exporters are with the government with due respect to national willpower.

Büyükekşi's declaration is as follows:

Turkey was subjected to a shameful coup attempt against democracy today; national willpower was tried to be harmed. We, as exporters who work for Turkey to each advanced level of welfare, will continue to be against all attempts against democracy. We, as Turkish Exporters Assembly, would like it be known that we have full support for the legitimate government elected by the people.

This kind of attempts will produce no results other than helping the groups that want to cause harm to the country and to act as an enemy against his own nation.

We have full belief that anti-democratic groups who betrayed our unity and confronted the people will be bitterly disappointed.

We declare respectfully to the public that we, as the exporters, are together with our government for a democratic country, to own up the national willpower and WE ARE PROUD OF OUR PEOPLE WHO DEFENDED DEMOCRACY.