TİM continued its Physical Trade Delegation programs adding India

The only umbrella organization of over 100 thousand Turkish exporters, Turkish Exporters Assembly, maintained its trade diplomacy activities through India by executing sectoral and general trade delegations. Within the frame of India (Mumbai) Trade Delegation, organized within the coordination of Turkish Ministry of Trade and by Turkish Exporters Assembly between 9-13 October, 14 Turkish companies from different sectors carried out about 170 B2B meetings with more than 70 Indian companies.

Turkish Exporters Assembly, which is the umbrella organization of 61 Exporters Association, 27 Sectors and more than 100 thousand Turkish exporters, continuing to bring together Turkish exporters with potential buyers all over the world. Between 9-13 October, a physical trade delegation has been organized to India, which is one of the 18 target countries within the “Far Countries Strategy” declared by the Turkish Ministry of Trade. To this business trip to India that is organized within the coordination of Turkish Ministry of Trade and organized by Turkish Exporters Assembly, 14 Turkish companies from electrical goods and electronics, furniture, grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, sea products and ornamental plants sectors.

Over 170 B2B meetings with more than 70 Indian companies realized

TIM India (Mumbai) Trade Delegation started with the opening speeches of Mr. Ali Tolga KAYA, Counsel General of Türkiye to Mumbai, and Mr. Pravin Rane, Joint Director-International Trade President of Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. After the speeches Turkish companies realized over 170 B2B meetings with more than 70 Indian companies. The Program ended with the market research and visits to the Indian companies and institutions by Turkish companies that participated to the Delegation.

Last year's export numbers has been achieved by the ninth month of 2022

Türkiye had actualized an export number of 1.2 billion USD to India throughout 2021. Within the period of January-October 2022, Türkiye's total exports to India has increased by 35 percent as compared to the same period of the previous year and reached to 1.2 billion USD. Thus, the total export number of 2021 has been achieved just by the ninth month of 2022.

Türkiye exported to India in one thousand 844 different elements. From the top exporting sectors from Türkiye to India mining products, chemical products, steel and electrical goods and electronics are drawing attention.