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Turkish Exporters Assembly

Türkiye Exporters Assembly (TİM) is to give direction to Türkiye's foreign trade, determine export policy, improve market diversity, and for facilitating the competition of exporters in the international arena; its roots, on the instructions of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic; It is the umbrella organization of our Exporters Associations based on Turkish Joint Stock Company of The Union of Exporters of Live Animal, which was established by Decree No. 2/6107 on March 4, 1937.

TİM is the only umbrella organization of Turkish exports, representing more than 100,000 exporters with 27 sectors, 61 Exporters Association. Our Assembly, which was established in 1993 by the decision of the Council of Ministers, continues its activities within the framework of the Law published in the Official Gazette in 2009 (July 3, 2009, Official Gazette, Issue: 27277, Law No. 5910 Turkish Exporters Assembly and Law on the Establishment and Duties of Exporters Associations).  

The primary mission of our institution, to achieve the goal of Türkiye which gives foreign trade surplus, to increase the volume of sustainable foreign trade, to develop bilateral trade, social and cultural relations with the commercial partner countries we cooperate with, and to serve as a bridge between the private sector and the public in the activities to be held in line with this goal.

TİM, strongly carries out activities aimed at removing all obstacles to industry, production, and exports to ensure the uninterrupted continuation of dialogue between the public and exporters. Our Assembly, which prepares and shares strategic plans for the development of the country's economy and exports with the Government, coordinates important works such as export strategy, innovation strategy, incubation centers, and the promotion of Türkiye and Turkish Trade Centers.

TİM, which is increasingly effective with its audience through its affiliated Exporters Associations, also coordinates relations with the foreign trade communities of the countries in which it cooperates. Within this framework, our Assembly, which is a member of the International Trade Center (ITC), represents Türkiye under the ITC and develops its relations with other foreign trade development organizations that are members of the ITC.

TİM organizes many organizations and trade delegations to ensure the promotion of the commercial activities of the Turkish exporter abroad; it plays an important role in the development of relations by signing goodwill contracts with countries that are commercial partners. Also, TİM conducts research activities on the reputation of Turkish export goods abroad and field research essays on the awareness, reliability, and preference of Turkish goods.

TİM contributes to the efforts of providing many incentives and supports to ensure exporters have an advantage in production and foreign trade; by creating an ecosystem in R&D, design, and entrepreneurship, it also helps our entrepreneurs to open up abroad and achieve success in the international arena. For this goal, our Assembly carries out the work TİM Anatolian Assembly and TİM SME Export Education Mobilization which is an open communication platform in many regions of Anatolia.

TİM, is one of the most important actors in the ever-rising chart of the Turkish economy due to its success in the national and international arena, set purpose its final target as "Türkiye With Foreign Trade Surplus", and the way to this goal;

  • Strong Infrastructure
  • Powerful Human Resources
  • Strong Export
  • Strong Economy
  • Strong Türkiye

briefly summarized as 5G.

Türkiye, which gives foreign trade surplus, is rising with export...