İnovaLIG is the first innovation development program of Türkiye which has been created by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) in 2014. With 1236 companies applying to İnovaLİG 2019, Turkey was able to become one of the countries with the highest participation in the IMP3rove program and the champions received the awards at Turkey Innovation and Entrepreneur Week from Mr. President of Turkey.

With İnovaLIG, companies are able to measure innovation competencies and to develop their innovation cultures on an interactive platform.

As a result of the first phase, a 100-page comprehensive innovation assessment and benchmark analysis report is being prepared for each participating company. This report, worth 350 €, is sent free of charge to all participating companies..

A total of 25 companies from 5 different categories are eligible to participate in the semifinals based on IMP3rove Academy benchmark reports. Semi-finalists are making presentations about the innovation management approaches in the 5 minutes to the grand jury

As a result of the grand jury evaluation, the first 3 firms are determined to receive the award in each category in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week.

We are delighted to focus on medium and long term goals of the participating firms and enable them to follow innovation developments over years. With the expanding of innovation management and awareness, everyone from the President to the sector representatives is contributing to InovaLIG and this situation is a source of pride for us by separating our country from other countries. This program is a touchstone of reaching the 2023 targets of our exporting companies ,and this program shapes the vision of the companies .

In this sense, we invite all companies to participate in InovaLIG on  in order to see the development of the applied companies and for new companies' situations.

We, as the Turkish Exporters Assembly, believe that we will achieve further together with İnovaLIG and we hope to receive much more intensive participation this year. We strongly believe that we will carry our country much more higher in the league of innovation.

You can join InovaLIG free of charge at

For more information: [email protected]

Phone: +90 212 454 0462