What We Do

Duties of  Türkiye Exporters Assembly

  • As the highest organization of the private sector part of Türkiye's export, to represent the exporters in and outside Türkiye,
  • To provide coordination and solidarity among Exporter Associations
  • To get involved in determination of export targets and policies; to perform works to achieve the determined export targets and to make contribution to the works performed by other bodies and organizations,
  • To perform works in coordination with public bodies and organizations on subjects related directly or indirectly with foreign trade and to make contributions to the works being performed.

Duties of the Management Board:

  • To perform general and sectoral works aimed at improving the export, to issue reports, to give opinions and recommendations, to provide contact and coordination among associations and sectors,
  • To make decisions for buying, selling and hiring real estate required for the service, to implement them after the approval of the Undersecretariat,
  • To make decisions to establish commercial centers outside Turkey and to become partners of established centers by obtaining the approval of the Undersecretariat and to implement these decisions, 
  • To prepare the budget and implement the budget approved by the general assembly, to prepare annual reports to be submitted to the general assembly, to perform works in line with the decisions made at the general assembly, to provide coordination among associations regarding the incomes,
  • To perform staff requirement determination works within the framework of the Human Resources Regulation,
  • To prepare the agendas of ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings and to invite the members to meeting,
  • To appoint the secretary general and his deputies by obtaining the approval of the Undersecretariat.


Duties of the Board of Audit:

  • To audit the accounts, actions and activities of TİM in line with the legislation and general assembly decisions continuously and regularly and issue them in quarterly reports
  • To prepare the auditors' reports for general assembly meetings.

Duties of the Secretary General:

  • To execute the works of TİM,
  • To make all preparations in order for the General Assembly to meet in due time, to make the preparations and works in order for the general assembly agenda to be prepared by the Management Board and to ensure that the announcement is duly made in accordance with the relevant articles of this Regulation
  • To make all kinds of preparations in order for the meetings of the elected organs of TİM to be held,
  • To ensure that the decisions made at the General Assembly are implemented,
  • To prepare the agendas of the Management Board and sectors council meetings with the chairman or with his deputy and to send the agendas to the members before the meeting date,
  • To follow up on the decisions taken in the Management Board and sectors council meetings and to conclude them and to ensure that the actions required by the decisions are implemented in due time.
  • To carry out the required study on subjects on which public bodies request information, to do what is required about the information to be given to public bodies by obtaining the approval of TİM Chairman or his deputy,
  • To carry out studies about the income and expenditure budget every year and to submit it to the management board,
  • To submit information to the management board about monthly incomes, expenditures and financial transactions every month, to submit to the approval of the management board the balance sheet that explains the asset and liability accounts, income and expenditure tables for the balance sheet period and prospectuses  at the end of budget period.
  • To supervise the personnel at every level in the capacity of the discipline and personal record manager of the personnel of the General Secretariat; to have the duties assigned by the legislation and the management boards performed through units established in the General Secretariat,
  • To take all kinds of precautions in order for the personnel to work efficiently, to inspect their presence in duty in working hours, to ensure that personal records are duly prepared and kept by the personnel service,
  • Regarding the works or services to be procured or performed in order for the services of TİM to be executed, to ensure that all kinds of tools and equipment are procured in accordance with the legislation, to have the inventory and belongings records duly prepared and kept, 
  • To carry out the necessary studies to eliminate the hesitations conveyed by the associations to TİM regarding the implementation of the legislation and to keep the management board informed ,
  • To ensure that the provisions of the laws, regulations and communiqués and instructions and decisions given in accordance with this legislation,
  • To ensure that all kinds of documents and certificates of TİM are kept for the required periods,
  • To provide the coordination of TİM with the Undersecretariat and the associations.