New Target in Trade with Venezuela 5 Billion Dollars
27 January 2023
Türkiye Exporters Assembly (TİM) organized a trade delegation to Venezuela within the scope of the "Faraway Countries Strategy" of the Ministry Trade. Turkish exporters held more than 1000 bilateral business meetings (B2B) with Venezuelan business people in the program attended by Trade Minister Mehmet Muş and TİM President Mustafa Gültepe as well as more than 60 company representatives from 21 different sectors.
Türkiye's exports hit record $254 billion in 2022
05 January 2023
The data on Türkiye's exports in 2022 is announced at the meeting held in İstanbul with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Record-breaking exports reached 254 billion dollars in 2022. TİM's Chairman Mustafa Gültepe said that, exports increased to 162 countries and broke the annual records in 108 countries.
TİM Chairman Gültepe, '' We will double our exports to Israel to at least 12 billion dollars.''
06 December 2022
Turkish export exceeded $231 billion in the January-November period and $253 billion in the last 12 months. Automotive was the sector that realized the most export in November with 2.9 billion dollars. Chemicals and their products ranked second with $2.6 billion, and the ready-to-wear sector ranked third with $1.6 billion.
Türkiye Realized The Highest November Export With 21.9 Billion Dollars
02 December 2022
TİM Chairman Mustafa Gültepe: “We will share the pride of completing December in the best way and surpassing the target of 250 billion dollars. A month later, we will announce the highest annual export figure in our history.”
Türkiye realizes the highest October export with $21.3 billion
08 November 2022
TİM Chairman Mustafa Gültepe: In October, we lost 1.5 billion dollars due to parity. The parity-induced slippage reached $11.5 billion in 10 months.
TİM continued its Physical Trade Delegation programs adding India
20 October 2022
The only umbrella organization of over 100 thousand Turkish exporters, Turkish Exporters Assembly, maintained its trade diplomacy activities through India by executing sectoral and general trade delegations.
Türkiye's export in September increased by 9.2 percent to $22.6 billion
07 October 2022
Export reached $188 billion in the January-September period and $252 billion in the last 12 months.
Türkiye's historical record in the Global Innovation Index
07 October 2022
In the Global Innovation Index announced by the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Switzerland-based organization of the United Nations, and in which 132 countries compete, Türkiye rose four steps in 2022 to the 37th place.
TİM Sectoral Trade Delegations Gained Momentum
26 August 2022
Turkish Exporters Assembly, which is the only umbrella organization of more than 100 thousand exporters, continues to bring Turkish exporters together with buyers all over the world with its sectoral and general trade delegations.
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Welcomes TİM Chairman Mustafa Gültepe and Members of the Board of Directors
20 August 2022
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Welcomes TİM Chairman Mustafa Gültepe and Members of the Board of Directors