Nearly 100 Turkish companies are preparing for export fair China International Import Expo, landing on the heart of the Asian market.


China International Import Expo (CIIE), which has been attracting excitement all over the world and attracting 10 trillion dollars import in 5 years, will open its doors in Shanghai on November 5-10 this year for the second time.
Under the auspices of Ministry of Trade, in coordination with Turkish Exporters' Assembly and undertaken by Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association, the National Participation Organization and nearly 100 Turkish companies are preapering for the expo, to land on the heart of Asian market with 4 thousand square meters of exhibition space.

Speaking at the introductory meeting of the fair, Chairman of TİM İsmail Gülle expressed that amount of cooperation agreements held at the fair which they attended with 38 companies last year was $ 620 million. 
Stating that they expect more intense interest and larger trade agreements this year, Gülle said: “Our traditional markets, as you know, are being shaken
by trade wars and Brexit. 
Moreover, the slowing global demand has also caused to revision of expectations towards global trade performance. The EU's growth performance in 2018, which is our biggest trading partner, was realized as 1.8 percent, below 2 percent. Therefore, it is one of the most important issues to draw new routes and enter new markets.”
Indicating that exporters should focus on the trade between China and Turkey and as much as traditional markets they should also get into and extend in Asian markets, which potential future top markets, Gülle stressed that current and future demands are centered in these countries.

Expressing that, “The heart of commerce will beat where number of people is the top” Gülle said such importexport fairs which national participation occurs will initiate to take bigger steps by the mutual win-win formula with China in terms of Turkey's multilateral foreign policy.
“This step taken by our exporters will reflect hte relations between two countries in future and will play a significant role in implementation of new projects. The import volume of Turkish exporters, which is expected to reach 3 trillion US dollars, is among the priority  target of TİM.'" he said.



Mentioning 2.6% growth rate of Turkey's economy in 2018, Gülle spoke as follows: “In the second half of 2018, we have seen how the effects of attacks toward our economy reftected on growt figures. While our GDP contracted by 3% in the last quarter, we managed to grow by 2.6% throughout the year. The most remarkable point here is that net of exports contributed to the growth in the last quarter by 8.4 points. Exports were the biggest supporters of our growth figures in the last quarter, when domestic demand contracted and public expenditures remained almost the same. Throughout the year, we see that net of exports contributed 3.6 points to growth. At the point reached today, everyone knows that, as always, our country is well aware of how to elude this process with the least damage, and that exports are indispensable for our country. As TIM, we will continue to serve our country by contributing more than 83 thousand exporters by working harder this year as well,  y waving the flag of our country all over the world, both in growth and investments, as well as in employment.”