İsmail Gülle, the President of TİM, said “Everybody knows that there is no economic reason behind the rise of the exchange rate. They are attacking our economy completely for political reasons. Day is the day of unity. The funds we give will return to our exporters 10 times more.”

Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TİM) has taken the action to prevent the negative effect of the speculative increase in exchange rates on export. In this context, in coordination with the Exporters' Associations, TİM has signed a protocol with Eximbank on allocating its reserve funds and a portion of the resources of Turkey Promotion Group to exporters. The protocol on resource utilization between TİM, the Exporters' Associations and Eximbank was signed by TİM President İsmail Gülle and the Turkish Eximbank General Manager Adnan Yıldırım under Ruhsar Pekcan's supervision.

We immediately responded to the call for economic mobilization

Expressing that everyone knows that there is no economic reason behind the exchange rate fluctuations, TİM President Gülle continued his words as follows: “They are attacking our economy completely for political reasons. But we, as the whole Turkey, are giving the necessary response. Our government took all economic and political precautions. As the business world, we all are doing our best. We said “Day is the day of unity.' In coordination with our Exporters' Associations, we decided to provide Eximbank with a portion of our reserve funds and funds of Turkey Promotion Group for the use of our exporters. Thus, the funds we give will return to our exporters 10 times more.”

We are always on the side of free trade, but…

Noting that they are witnessing a new period of time, in which the protectionism in international trade is at its highest level and trade wars gained a great depth, Gülle emphasized that as Turkish exporters, they are always on the side of free trade. Gülle said “We think that it is not right for countries to upgrade their customs walls against each other and to apply protectionism policies. However, we are always supportive of the answers given by our government to the actions directed to our country.”

Our business people are smart merchants

Ruhsar Pekcan, the Minister of Trade, also said that there is a recent try to create scenarios on Turkey with speculative waves. Noting that the speculations do not match with Turkey's reality, Pekcan stated that economic indicators will come to stable levels in a short period of time with the steps taken by the government.  Pekcan said “The step that TİM has taken at such a time is extremely meaningful. The hand it extends to Eximbank will return to the exporters 10 times more. Our business people are smart merchants.”

Adnan Yıldırım, General Manager of Türk Eximbank, said that they have not increased the interest rates for two years as the bank and they have taken the costs down.

Voicing that they have prepared for such difficult days with the steps they have taken in the past, Yıldırım said "By realizing this partnership, TİM has shown that it is a model institution. We do not collaborate with exporters, we share a common fate. We work closely. As the bank, we will work primarily with the exporters who are at risk of exchange rate and interest.”