TİM Revealed the “Export 2019 Report”

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) revealed “Export 2019 Report” which reflects TİM's new vision and roadmap for the year 2019.

Commenting on the report, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said;

“Our vision is also built on sustaining the success in 2018 and innovate new strategies in our exports. Therefore we declared that 2019 will be the year of 'Sustainability and Innovation for Exports'. Reflecting our 2019 vision, we have prepared a report and released on 22nd of January.

Export 2019 Report reveals the products that we are holding advantage among the world. Methodology of the report is based on the “Revealed Comparative Advantage” model and as a starter; we investigated the top 200 products imported last year. Among the top 200, Turkey carries the comparative advantage in 47 products. Moreover, our study group listed the top 15 countries who import this 47 products and also revealed our potential markets for this products. As a conclusion of the report, we still have a long way to discover for the major markets as USA, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

We have to focus on innovative products to increase the quality and the unit value of our exports. Therefore we need to apply a more dynamic production function and enhance our capacity. As TİM we gathered this factors around “5S” principles. Strong Turkey will evolve from strong economy, strong exports, strong human resources and strong infrastructure for exports.”