TİM President İsmail Gülle and the new TİM Secretary General Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin met the economic directors of the newspapers and shared the objectives of the new era. TİM Chairman Gülle said “We will take firm steps to our “Turkey with foreign trade surplus” goal.

Expressing that they have precious projects and that they always keep their excitement high, Gülle mentioned the activities they have done since the day they came. Recalling that Turkish economy in the third quarter of the year recorded a growth by 1,6% compared to the same period of 2017', Gülle expressed their appreciation of the contribution of exports to the figures and said that it is an export-oriented growth.


Service exports and transit trade

TİM Chairman Gülle noted “It is also important for e-export to grow and develop, since we do not keep the export figures here. We do not record exports plus micro exports and exports that are brought by the passenger. So we know that we have an export performance above these figures.

According to the current records, the service export is around 43,5 billion dollars and the transit trade figures are about 10 billion dollars.”


Sectoral promotion activities will be more effective

Noting that Turkey's Promotion Group (TPG) was restructured, Gülle said that more effective and efficient promotional activities will be held under the TPG structure. Gülle continued “We asked for shor and medium term communication projects of the sectors. We will see how they draw a Turkey and sector projections. After creating these, we will take the projects of our sectors and we will work to make our country, sectors and products more known to the world.

Design will spread across the city

Noted that they continue their visits abroad with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, Gülle said that they will continue these visits by increasing them next year.

Saying that it was the third time that TİM organized Design Week Turkey in coordination with the Ministry of Trade, Gülle noted that next year the event will be held not only in a hall but at different parts of the city.


Foreign students will be honorary ambassadors

Emphasizing that there are 135,000 foreign students studying in Turkey, Gülle explained that these students will have their internships in Turkish production factories, they will meet the directors of those factories and later, they will work as representatives of those companies as they will be back to their own countries.


Number of commercial counsellors should increase

TİM Chairman Gülle stated that the number of Commercial counsellors is not enough and their number should be increased and continued “Although sometimes a work done not at the right time does not give the expected result and although the success desired from commercial counsellors could not be reached in the past, this system can be used more efficiently by the intention of President Erdoğan and the guidance of TİM.”


Innovation summit will come together with knowledge economy

Saying that they will organize an extensive Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week in the first quarter of 2019, noted that they would cooperate with important academics at this summit and would like to invite world-famous names like Aziz Sancar to this innovation event. Gülle mentioned that the summit of innovation will bring together the knowledge economy.


More female interventions in exports

Gülle stated that there are Chairwomen for the first time in the Exporters' Associations and that the number reached three. Now the TİM family has 72,500 members and 5,200 of them are females. Moreover, 54 of them are serving as the delegates in their directorates, he said. Gülle also mentioned that they have established The Women's Council to increase the female intervantions in exports.


İstanbul deserves a bigger exhibition center

On the topic of evaluating the closed areas of Atatürk Airport as the exhibition center after the Istanbul Airport was fully operational, Güllde said “Istanbul's exports are more than exports of many countries. January-November exports are $ 66 billion. One more month and it will be 70-75 billion dollars. With such a large export potential, Istanbul deserves a bigger exhibition center.”


10% of exports made in Turkish Lira

Stressing that they are attaching a great importance to exports in TL, Gülle stated that it is important to export in TL when there are some fluctuations in the Exchange rates and said “We made approximately 10% of our exports to 58 countries in TL. We succeeded this with a workshop. We have shown the importance of exporting in TL by means of our workshops both in İstanbul and Ankara.”