TİM Chairman Gülle: “We exported more in less business days”

After the record breaking in consecutive months on export, the 9-day holiday of Ramadan was decisive in June export. Turkish Exporters Assembly, together with the Ministry of Trade, announced the figures of export in June. According to the General Trading System export decreased by 14.9 percent and was 11 billion 597 million dollars and according to the Special Trade System, export decreased by 14.2 percent and was 11 billion 89 million dollars. TİM Chairman Ismail Gülle said “ In June, due to the 9- day-long holiday, we have exported in a higher daily performance.”


Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) announced the provisional foreign trade data for June together with the Ministry of Trade. Thus, export in June, according to the General Trade System (GTS) decreased by 14.9 percent compared to the same month of the previous year was $ 11 billion 597 million. According to the Private Trade System (OTS), export decreased by 14.2 percent to 11 billion 89 million dollars.

Evaluating the export figures, TİM Chairman Ismail Gülle said, “After the Ramadan blessing in May, the holiday of Ramadan in the beginning of June was the determinant of export. Due to 9-day long holiday, we have only 3 weeks to export full efficiently”


Between June 3 and 9, exports remain at $ 381 million

Reminding that monthly export records were broken in all months except June and August in 2018, Ismail Gülle said, “Ramadan Eid coincides with June for the last 3 years. Therefore, it is possible to talk about the calendar effect on monthly export figures. As a matter of fact, since the beginning of the year, it has realized an average of 3.3 billion dollars of export per week, whereas in the week of 3-9 June, our export remained at 381 million dollars. According to our calculations, the structural increase adjusted in June is 8%.”

In the first 6 months, export, according to GTS, increased by 2.2 percent to 88 billion dollars, and, according to OTS, increased by 1.9 percent to 84 billion dollars. Also, TIM Chairman said, “Looking at the last 12 months of export, according to the GTS, 179 billion dollars, according to the OTS, 170 billion dollars in export have been realized.”

Stating that they have accomplished very important export-related activities in June, TIM Chairman said, On June 16, we held our general assembly with the honors of our President and Ministers. At the same time, we announced the results of our “Top 1000 Exporters Research, and presented their awards to the export champions. Last week we held a very productive meeting with the Chairmans of our Exporters' Associations for the 'Export Master Plan'. As the only roofing organization of export, our business is export. In order to strengthen the positive contribution of net export to growth in 2019, we are working day and night.”

Stating that they met with the Japanese business world at the meeting headed by President Erdoğan in Tokyo on July 1, and attended the “Turkish Day” activities at Beijing Expo in China after the contacts there, TIM Chairman Gülle said, “Far East is a very critical market for us. Our market share is low at these markets compared to EU and Middle East market shares. The concept of far-near has lost its meaning in the globalizing world and the digital age we are in now. It is very necessary for us to increase our export to China and Japan at least to the level we have reached in countries such as Germany, Iraq and the USA, and in this increase, it is essential that we focus on high-tech products in addition to our competitive products.”


1,107 companies started to export in June

Giving an information on the number of exporters in June, TIM Chairman said: “I wish a long-term export success to our newly joined companies.”


Germany ranks first, EU's share became 51.3%

Referring to the details of the June export, TIM Chairman said:

“In June, Germany became the leading country in our export and our export to this country was 1 billion 75 million dollars. Germany was followed by Britain with 684 million dollars and France with 639 million dollars. The first 10 countries where we export the most have a volume of $ 5.5 billion, 49.4% share in monthly export. This rate was 66% in the first 20 countries. Iraq entered the top 5 countries in which we exported the most in June, while the USA ranked 6th in the list. In June, we experienced the strongest increase in export to Singapore with 410%, Malta with 192% and Nigeria with 146%. On the other hand, the share of Turkey's export to the EU was 51.3% of the total export in June.”


23 provinces achieved to increase their exports

When we look at the provinces, all of our 81 provinces realized exports in June. Kars, which did not have any export in June of the previous year, realized export of 23 thousand dollars and this was influenced by the exports in the Cement, Glass, Ceramics and Soil Products sector. While the exports of many provinces decreased with the decrease in monthly exports, 23 provinces managed to increase their exports. The most noteworthy increases were in Rize, which increased its exports by 4.5 times, in Siirt, which nearly tripled, and in Adıyaman, which increased over 40%.


Leading automotive, followed by chemicals

When we look at the sectors, we see that our leading sector is automotive again. Our sector realized export of 2.2 billion dollars in June, followed by chemical materials with 1.3 billion dollars and apparel sector with 1.1 billion dollars. Our defense and aerospace sector reached the most remarkable rate of increase with 69%. The increase in exports to Switzerland and Ghana as well as the Istanbul Industrial and Trade Free Zone of our sector were effective in this.


6-month parity loss of $ 3.9 billion

Export declined by 1.6% in June. Export of agricultural products decreased by 10.7% to 1.3 million tons, mining export increased by 9.4% to 2 million tons, while export of industrial products increased by 3.1% to 6.6 million tons.

The parity effect, on the other hand, continued to affect the export negatively in June, as it has since the beginning of the year. There was a negative loss of $ 186 million in June stemming from the Euro parity only. The loss since the New Year was $ 3.9 billion."