Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) Chairman, İsmail Gülle, evaluated the announced CBRT Balance of Payments. According to data, current account deficit reached $27.7 billion in the first five months of the year. Gülle stated that; "The current account deficit is one of the major problems of our country. This is not a problem that cannot be solved. We believe that we have the power to reduce this deficit with the support of private sector and government."

We have to increase exports of goods and services

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle noted that the main solution of the current deficit and may even all economic problems, is export. Gülle continued his words as following:

“The formula for reducing the current deficit is simple: we will earn more than we spend. If we can increase both goods and services exports, we can get ahead. The only way to reach the goals of 2023 is to increase exports. To reach this goal, we invite all our service exporters to 'Turkey's Top 500 Service Exporters' survey. With Turkey's Top 500 Service Exporters survey, we aim to contribute to improve the Turkish service sector and uncover its potential in line with the goals of 2023.”

By means of the survey, firms should both see its sectoral and general ranking free. TİM will also share success stories via social media and TİM publications. Top 500 service exporters will be awarded with a certificate. Also participant companies will get training about “Foreign Currency Earning Services and Government Supports.

Application process of “Turkey's Top 500 Service Exporters” survey started for the third time this year by TIM. Services sector firms could apply the survey on www.tim.org.tr/tr/500.html link within telecommunication, computer and information services, construction services, education services, health services, tourism-related services in travel and passenger transport, recreational and cultural services, passenger transport services, flight transportation and logistic services, financial and other services sectors.

Top three companies in each sector and the top 10 companies will be awarded

Top three companies in each sector, as well as companies that received the top 10 rankings among the companies participating to the survey will be awarded. Services sector firms could apply the survey on www.tim.org.tr/tr/500.html link free of charge. Applications will be taken by declaration method but if required supportive documents will be demanded. Application process will finish after the required checks.


For detailed information and application: http://www.tim.org.tr/tr/500.html

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