TIM and TEB Brought Together the Best Entrepreneurs of Turkey in İstanbul

Successful entrepreneurs of TIM – TEB Global House which was actualized by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) in partnership with Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) in order to contribute to the entrepreneurship ecosystem, technological development and export volume of Turkey, were awarded.


With the participation of 500 partners of Turkey's entrepreneurial ecosystem, the night was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade of Republic of Turkey at Çırağan Palace. After Ruhsar Pekcan, Minister of Trade of Republic of Turkey; İsmail Gülle, TIM Chairman and Ümit Leblebici, TEB General Manager gave opening speeches, 10 successful entrepreneurs from TIM-TEB Global House were awarded. Furthermore, as a social entrepreneur Ayşe Arman, as the inspiring entrepreneur Ali Erkin, Chairman of Game Developers Association of Turkey and as enrichers of the ecosystem Middle East Technical University (METU) and İstanbul Technical University (ITU) received their special prizes.  


Speaking at night, Mrs. Pekcan, Minister of Trade of Republic of Turkey, stating that women entrepreneurs in particular attaches great importance to entrepreneurship and added that Turkey's prosperous future in the 21st century, is directly related to Turkey's entrepreneurial capacity. Additionally, Mrs. Pekcan said that ''Entrepreneurship is the predicate of an economy and you cannot set sentences without a predicate''. Subsequently, she indicated that new products, new business techniques and innovative ideas are the work of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial minds are rich people of societies in countries. 'Therefore we must support and encourage all creative ideas that drive these entrepreneurial ideas and make every effort to create the necessary ecosystem for entrepreneurial minds.' For this reason we are very much concerned and supportive of the Global Houses that TIM and TEB have implemented and are operating in 10 of our city today, "she said.

Ismail Gülle, Chairman of TIM pointed that Turkey ranked 37 among 137 countries in the 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Index and ranked much more higher in terms of "start-up capabilities" and "innovation". Mr. Gülle, stressed that from the year 2015, they have contributed to entrepreneurial ecosystem by opening Global Houses, touching more than 650 entrepreneurs and still aiming more.

Mr. Gülle stated that entrepreneurs included in TIM – TEB Global House had recorded turnover of 330 million TRY last year as well as their export volumes are increasing gradually. Mr. Gülle gave examples from technologies developed by entrepreneurs like smart energy management system and early warning system to detect defection in railroads or maritime lines.

Mr. Gülle reminded the first visit to Mrs. Pekcan and her directive to TIM delegation about presenting new projects on entrepreneurship and underlined TIM objective to cause new generations to target for starting a business instead of finding a job.

Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) General Manager Ümit Leblebici in his speech; “There is a word that has brought us together today; that is called entrepreneurship, and he added: "I think entrepreneurship will be one of the most important words in the coming period and it is the spirit and understanding of entrepreneurship that will carry Turkey even further than where it is located. Mr. Leblebici also noted that Turkey is one of the world's leading countries in innovation and "Today Turkey is an important location in the world with its military and medical technologies, entrepreneurs and exporters. We need to move this ecosystem further by preserving our entrepreneurial spirit and supporting entrepreneurship“he said.

In his speech, Mr. Leblebici said that they were proud of their cooperation with TIM in the direction of the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and continued: '' With our cooperation with TIM, we strive to develop entrepreneurship in Turkey by opening an Global Houses in many provinces from the east to the west, from north to the south, and bringing together all entrepreneurs.'' He continued his words: ''It's very important for us to develop the ecosystem. In this sense, we are the largest bank of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey. Entrepreneurship is difficult, requires patience. It requires support as much as it requires patience. We continue our efforts to give this support to entrepreneurs in cooperation with TIM. Because it will only be possible for our country to go further and to be more competitive if we have entrepreneurs. "


Turkey's 10 Most Successful Entrepreneurs

During the night, the 10 most successful entrepreneurs of Turkey received their awards from Mrs. Ruhsar Pekcan, Minister of Trade Republic of Turkey, Mr. İsmail Gülle, Chairman of TIM and Mr. Ümit Leblebici, General Manager of TEB.

  • Fastest Growing Enterprise Award Delphisonic,
  • Highest Exporting Enterprise Award REM People,
  • Highest Exporting Country Enterprise Award Miops,
  • The Most Investment-Making Enterprise Award Segmentify,
  • The Most Motivating Success Story Award Dermis Pharma,
  • End-to-End Entrepreneur Award Indisera,
  • Phoenix/ Born from Ashes Award Scotty,
  • First Born Award Gastroclub,
  • The Most Sensitive Enterprise to the Environment  Award Reengen,
  • Most Successful Female Entrepreneur Award Artge received.

Whilst 'Inspiring Entrepreneurs Awards' are given to Writer Ms. Ayşe Arman and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Game Developers Association of Turkey Mr. Ali Erkin, Special Award were presented to ITU and METU for their contributions to the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Turkey. ITU Chancellor Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karaca received the award on behalf of ITU likewise Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yozgatlıgil did receive for METU.

Award Winning Entrepreneurs

  1. Fastest Growing Enterprise/ Delphisonic: Delphisonic has been developing pioneering, artificial intelligence for instruments and measurement applications and cloud-based software solutions for railway, wind turbine, marine, aviation, oil&gas and industrial manufacturing process. By making their first export to Swiss Railways, they received their first investment in a $10 million valuation on the way to Global Market.
  2. Highest Exporting Enterprise/ Rem People: REM People; utilizes the most innovative technologies in all stages of data collection from field and point of sale (POS), analyzing the collected data and providing these data through specially designed reporting interface for the needs of the companies. Exports to more than 12 countries and continue growing in the international market.
  3. Highest Exporting Country Enterprise/ MIOPS: MIOPS, is a Turkish R&D brand that aims to make their users life easier who are in the photography and video industry. In 2014 they have successfully completed their first Kickstarter campaign for the popular MIOPS Smart Trigger and they gathered the necessary support amount with this project. Later on in 2016, their second project MIOPS Mobile that took a place in Kickstarter again and this time they are funded by four times its need by leaving the fund target behind in the first two days.
  4. The Most Investment-Making Enterprise/ Segmentify: is an e-commerce personalization platform that helps online retailers to optimize their conversion rates by enabling them to deliver a unique shopping experience for each visitor. Segmentify continues to branch out at home and abroad, and they are one of the top 25 entrepreneurs in the field of machine learning by Forbes Magazine.
  5. The Most Motivating Success Story/ Dermis Pharma: Dermis Pharma, one of the success stories of TIM TEB Global House, spreading out of Istanbul within 10 provinces, has developed the 'Dermalix' wound cover which provides fast and effective treatment of chronic open wounds and consists of natural components of the skin. The firms begins mass production in January 2019.
  6. End-to-End Entrepreneur/ Indisera: Indisera, which started entrepreneurship with TİM-TEB Enterprise House's idea-level programs, has become a commercialized start up today. Indisera, an SEO and content marketing platform designed for agencies and small and medium-sized companies; aims to strengthen its optimizations with artificial intelligence on the basis of search engines. In this direction; it is expanding the keyword options for increasing the search rates of firms while conducting analyzes to find keywords that create competitive opportunities for firms.
  7. Phoenix- Born From Ashes/ Scotty: Scotty won the award in the group, which emphasized the constant struggle of entrepreneurs to succeed who had not succeeded in their previous entrepreneurship experience. Scotty, which aims to solve the traffic problems of Istanbul and provide a fast transportation option with motorcycle drivers, also entered the food order sector. The company has been invested $75k before seed investment and $500k on seed investment tour.
  8. First Born/ Gastroclub: Gastroclub which has the Turkey's most exclusive restaurant network, provides member discounts in his network. The firm provided discounts of up to 12 million TL in 700 restaurants to its 30.000 members in 5 years
  9. The Most Sensitive Enterprise to the Environment/ Reengen: More than 3,000 plants in countries such as Turkey, United Arab Emirates, India, Spain are using Reengen's Energy IOT platform which provides significant energy savings by offering 360˚ digital power management
  10. Most Successful Female Entrepreneur/ Artge: The firm has signed with the leading defense industry and banking sector companies in Turkey on large volumes with "Facecapt Facial Recognition System" which produces 100% local solutions about the topics such as facial-pattern-image recognition, advanced image and signal processing

TIM-TEB Global House

Operating in 10 cities including İstanbul, İzmir, Denizli, Gaziantep, Edirne, Bursa, Konya, Mersin, Trabzon and Erzurum; TIM TEB Global House contributes to the Turkey's development struggle of  export, operations, technology fields by strengthening entrepreneurships by developing comprehensive programs with innovative, high value-added and export potential entrepreneurs.

TIM-TEB Global House, which is Turkey's most comprehensive and widespread entrepreneurial family, raised more than 650 entrepreneurs in 3 years.

TIM-TEB Global House offers the services as an incubation center for newly established entrepreneurs as well as the existing technology companies. TIM-TEB Global House, which has an important mission in transforming the technology companies established with various state aids to permanent and strong companies, is continuously developing its business model with the most appropriate consultancy and training applications for the needs of our country.

During the establishment period, there are three types of programs and services and today there are 12 different application programs for a broad target group, from the newly established start-up enterprises to the large enterprises that export technological products. TİM-TEB Global House which plan to open in 3 new centers in Istanbul, Ankara and Kocaeli-Gebze by the end of 2018 and prepare to present two new programs in 2019, will continue to provide entrepreneurs office, mentorship and network support.