There are No Winners in a Trade War

Turkish Exporters Assembly Chairman Ismail Gülle, evaluated the trade war between the USA and China.

Gülle said that: “The decision which came into force on Friday evening, put an additional 25 percent tax on 818 products imported by the US. This decision will affect not just these two countries but the welfare of whole world.”

We can reduce the impact by entering alternative markets

Gülle stated that “US President Donald Trump's tax, which was signed in March, brought additional taxes on steel and aluminum, this step also affected Turkey. US has always been an important trade partner for us. However, in order to minimize the effects of the trade war, we urge Turkish exporters to enter new markets.”

Turkey will retaliate

Gülle said: “The issue of removing the trade barriers, is a matter which both TİM and Turkish Government work on diligently. As TİM, we are conducting researches on global trade, current developments and their effects on Turkey. We are investigating the results on product and sector basis. If the measures have an effect on Turkey, then we will retaliate. At this point, I urge Turkish exporters to follow TİM's studies and global developments closely.”