The Route: Philippines

“The Route” event organized by Turkish Exporter's Assembly (TIM) for the 15th time this year. The event focused on Philippines, one of the South-East Asian Countries. Chairman of TIM Mr. İsmail GÜLLE said the followings during his opening speech: “There is a change and transformation process in the world. Trade wars between the USA and PRC putting the international trade in a tough atmosphere. As Turkey, we always supported free trade which created a win win situation in our bilateral trade relations.”


Turkish Exporter's Assembly analyzed The Philippine Market in the Route Event, before the upcoming Philippines Trade Delegation (2-4 October, 2018) which aims to bring Turkish Exporters together with the potential trade partners in target markets.

The opening speech of the meeting made by H. Bader ARSLAN, PhD, Secretary General of TIM. Arslan said that the 15th Route Event made a significant contribution to both the companies and the country's exports. Arslan commented on the recent turmoil on Turkish Lira and added: “We have a request from export companies. Please do not see the increasing exchange rates as an opportunity in competition and lower your prices.”


There is a change in the global economic condition

İsmail Gülle, Chairman of TIM, said that “The trade war between USA and PRC doesn't seem to cool down in our recent future. Therefore, we need to focus on new markets and make new partnerships in trade. ”

Gülle stated that: “Turkey's exports to the Philippines are 133 million dollars, while our imports from these countries are 146 million dollars; it can be seen that Turkey's share remained fairly low, considering that the Philippines has $ 105 billion worth of imports.”


Trade volume between two countries should be increased to billion dollars

Chairman of TIM continued his words as follows:

We must further expand our trade volume with the Philippines, the gateway to the heart of Asia. We export products such as wheat flour, tobacco, motor vehicles and medicine to this country. We meet 36 percent of the Philippines's flour needs. Trade volume between two countries should be increased to billion dollars.

Gülle stated that “it may look like being an exporter is a tough choice, however the world has become a trillion dollar market”. Also he pointed out the importance of delivering the right product to the right markets at the right price.

“Using incentives and supports, it should be our duty to increase exports, which are our only way out.”


Philippines are entering the golden age in infrastructure investments

Philippine Ambassador to Turkey, H.E. Maria Rowena Mendoza Sanchez said the Philippines has remarkable growth rates in the last 20 years despite crises. Sanchez, who stated that they are preparing to enter the golden age in point of infrastructure investments, specified that "New roads and airports will open. 4 months ago, with an agreement signed by President Rodrigo Duterte the bureaucracy in our country was reduced, corruption was prevented and the private sector will be further supported"

Emphasizing that Philippines is a gateway to Asia, Sanchez clarified that there are many business opportunities between Turkey and the Philippines. “We will continue to work on free trade agreement between the two countries. Furthermore, we will develop relations between the two countries in tourism, agricultural products, Islamic finance, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, information technologies and textile sectors. Thus, it is aimed to increase the trade volume between the two countries to 1 billion dollars in 2020”

The seminar was moderated by Erkan Kaplan, Deputy General Secretary of TİM and Cezmi Beşoğul, Former Commerical Counselor of Turkey and Seltem İyigün, Economist of Coface shared their experiences with the Exporters.