TIM Chairman Ismail Gülle commented on the the syndicated loan renewed by Turk Eximbank from an international consortium which is under the coordination of Mizuho Bank. “In recent months, the contribution of the loans obtained from abroad has been great effect of our exports. We renewed our loan by 8.5% this year. So we created an additional monetary resource. This loan is the most important indicator of continued confidence in Turkey, the future of Turkish economy and Turk Eximbank.”


“Given the fact that the contribution of net exports to growth will be positive in the upcoming period, the support provided by Türk Eximbank for exports is even more important. Turk Eximbank which increased its capital with the renewed syndication loan, is our biggest assurance in terms of exports financing.”


“The share of SME's in exports is increasing rapidly”

Gülle emphasized that it is very important to increase the number of exporters, in particular, the total number of SMEs benefiting from Türk Eximbank. “It is expected to the number of exporters benefiting from the loans reach 11,000 by the end of the year. In addition, the share of SMEs, is expected to increase to 68 percent at the end of the year.”


“We achieve our goals much faster”

Referring to the new branches and offices opened by Eximbank, Gülle said we continue to stand beside our exporters with 9 new branches and 12 offices which opened in the last two years. Eximbank's support is expected to reach USD 46 billion by the end of the year in order to prevent the financial problems of our exporters. Thus, we ensure the export oriented growth much faster in collaboration with all our institutions.