Under the auspices of President Erdoğan, “Turkish Defense Industry Summit” was held at the Beştepe Nation Congress and Culture Center. TİM Chairman Gülle, who made a speech in the Summit, evaluated that he exports made in the defence industry will be one of the most important supports for Turkey to reach its export target and said “The level that our defence industry reached in the last 15 years is one of the greatest indicators of our success as the country in the move of national and domestic industry.”


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who thanked those who contributed to the organization of the Summit and contributed to it with their proposals, said that he believes that both public and private officials will do their parts to realize the ideas that are set in the Summit, of which the vision is “Turkey the Global Power”. President Erdoğan noted in his speech: “Countries that are not strong in defense technology cannot look at their future with confidence. If we had the same technology in the defense industry, we would not have succeeded in the operations of the Olive Branch and the Euphrates Shield. If we were to wait for what the West gave us, I'm sorry, there's nothing from the west. They say, 'The congress does not allow it.' It gives to others. Yet if It is for Turkey, it does not allow. Today, if we can get these results in the fight against terrorism, the only reason is that logistical support comes to us. I am sorry. There is nothing from the west. We always came back from the doors. The bad neighbour made us the landlord, now we started to export and it will be better from now onward.”

Our Defense Industry Exports to 163 Countries

In the Summit, TİM Chairman Gülle stated “While our country could not find spare parts to its planes in Cyprus Peace Operation, it has become export to 163 countries and regions today. Our country, which exports defense industry from Europe to Africa, from Latin America to the Far East and to the four continents of the world, deepens its military and economic power globally. We, as the representative of 72,500 exporters, are in the forefront of this strategy of our government and we are working hard to increase the share of defense industry sector in global market.”