İnoSuit Knowledge and Experience Sharing Session in Bursa

İnoSuit Knowledge and Experience Sharing Session took place at Uludağ Exporters' Associations (UİB), Bursa on 11th July 2018

İnoSuit Knowledge and Experience Sharing Session hosted by Uludağ Exporters' Associations was organized by Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TİM) and with the participation of nearly 100 firms and mentors.

Opening speech was given by OİB Borad Member  Ömer Burhanoğlu. Following opening speech, Dr. Umut Ekmekçi made a presentation on İnnovation.

Later, İnoSuit firms and mentors shared success stories.

In his speech, Ömer Burhanoğlu,  stated that Farplas decided innovation as a priority and wanted the innovation process to be a self-functioning process.

Burhanoğlu said that they received the first prize in Innovalig in the field of strategy last year and Innovation is talking when strategy is being discussed in Farplas today."

Umut Ekmekçi who made a presentation at the meeting; emphasized the importance of systematic management for sustainable Innovation.
Farplas Innovation Director İffet İyigün Meydan stated the importance of overlapping the goals of strategic growth and innovation.

Martur AR-GE Director Recep Kurt stated that with the InoSuit Program they have achieved significant gains in terms of generating ideas, developing corporate memories, efficient use of limited human resources and financial resources.

Up to today, 8.7 percent of companies in the ISO500 and 6.4 percent of the top 500 exporting firms of TIM participated in the InoSuit program.