Exports Reached $ 12,4 Billion Despite The Holiday

The Sacrificing festival covered 9 days of work from August. As a result our exports has diminished 6,5% comparing to the same month last year, with the total value of 12,4 billion dollars. Our 8 month figures reached 108,7 billion dollars and the total value of the last 12 months is 162,4 billion dollars.

3,4 billion TL worth exports were made with Turkish Lira among 169 trading partner countries.

TIM Chairman Ismail Gulle commented on the monthly facts: “The main fact for the fall of our export numbers, is the less workdays in August. The holiday regarding to our sacrificing festival, took 4 workdays from this month. August included 26 workdays in 2017 however it was 22 days in 2018. If the workdays were equal we would probably announce an increase more than 10% this August. Because our average daily exports increased around 14,6% from $ 480 million to  $ 550 million dollars. However we will see a compounded value in September and our increasing trend will continue to the end of this year.”

Automobile Sector Is On the Top as Usual

Automobiles are the top exported product group with $ 1,6 billion. Apparel with $ 1,4 billion and Chemicals with $ 1,3 billion are the second and third most exported product groups. The largest increase occurred in Jewelry with 177%; Steel with 43% and Fresh Fruits and Vegetables with 10%.

First 5 Cities Are the Same

No change witnessed in the first five exporting cities in August. İstanbul covered its first place and Kocaeli, Bursa, İzmir and Ankara followed. Largest increases were in Osmaniye's exports with 166%. Corum followed with 165% and Duzce with 62% among all cities.

Trading With our Local Currency is Crucial

In August 3,4 billion TL worth of exports made with Turkish Lira. Turkish Lisa used as a currency while trading with 169 countries. The EUR/USD parity effect is -129 million dollars in our exports in August.

New Markets

In August our exports sent to 219 different countries. Among these 219, in 96 markets we've increased our exports. Among the top exported countries; Germany is in the first place. United Kingdom, Iraq, USA, and Spain are the following.