The 14th contact office, which will be a bridge between Türk Eximbank and the exporters, opened in Erzurum on 6 September 2018. Through the contact office that Türk Eximbank opened with the protocol signed with East Anatolian Exporters' Association, exporters will easily be informed about both existing and new products of Eximbank and will easily reach it.

With the contact office that will be serving in Erzurum, It is expected to expand the support of Türk Eximbank in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia provinces. With the contact office opened, more companies will be reached directly and the financing opportunities for export will be offered to the service of exporters. With the support given to the East and Southeast, the companies in the region are expected to export.


It will contribute to the increase of regional exports


İsmail Gülle, Chairman of Turkish Exporters' Assembly, noted that by opening the Eximbank contact office in Erzurum, the service was directly brought to exporters. Gülle said “By establishing a new port for our export ship, we are moving to support our exporters who will bring Erzurum and the other cities in the region to the top. Our exporters in the region will no longer have a financial difficulty.  Whether they are in İstanbul or Anatolia, whether they are SME or big companies, our exporters share the common problem: finance.”

Expressing that Erzurum, the symbol of our Independence War, is big enough to deserve much higher export figures, Gülle emphasized that the city ranks 7th in the Eastern Anatolia Region with total exports of $ 17.3 million in 2017. Gülle said “Number of our exporters is below the potential. That is why I believe that the office, which came into service by the protocol signed between DAİB and Eximbank in such a period of time, when reaching the finance is becoming more and more important, will greatly contribute to the increase in exports of Erzurum and the region.”

Expressing that TİM and Eximbank came together in order to reduce the effects of the high fluctuations that occurred in exchange rates in the last period, Gülle said “We have signed a protocol to allow our exporters to use the funds held by TİM and Exporters' Associations as a credit trough Eximbank.” Gülle stated “Our aim is to be able to open the way to financing for our exporters who are experiencing difficulties in access to financing due to the exchange rate fluctuations.”

The latest communique may cause serious problems for exporters

Reminding that the Government has taken a series of measures to protect the value of Turkish Lira, Gülle noted that within the scope of the latest notice published in the Official Gazette, bringing 80 percent of export revenues to the country and “selling” it to a bank became an obligation. Gülle continued as “However, this obligation can cause serious problems for our exporters in practice. Because our exporters use some of the income got after sales in imports that are compulsory for production.  As the representatives of the exporting family, we would also like to be consulted such a crucial subject that concerns 71 thousand exporters. At this point, I think that it would be useful to rearrange the related notice.”

Adnan Yıldırım, General Director of Eximbank emphasized that these and similar steps are part of a comprehensive strategy determined to reach the exporters directly and stated that large organized industrial zones, chambers of trade and exporters' associations and similar cooperation protocols will continue to be on the agenda.