Raising a Generation to Change the World!

Raising a Generation to Change the World!

With the philosophy of Atatürk, Minorpreneurs explore the potentials of children and let them pursue their dreams.

Education director and also one of the co-founder of Minorpreneurs, Ilker Elal have learnt to code in his young ages and have started to work as a freelancer. He focused to be an artificial intelligence engineer. He got chances to work in Emotient & Deepmind which are the most important AI companies in the world acquired by Google & Apple. Operation Director and other co-founder of Minorpreneurs, Ahmet Ya€›z Aktafll›o€lu have worked as a marketing & project manager in Romania & brand manager in entertainment industry. Ilker has founded his first startup when he was a high school student. However it has failed because of lack of knowledge about financial management. Ya€›z has been earning his money since his primary school days. When they entered the university and met each other they have founded an entrepreneurship club together. They have managed the staffs of Webit Congress which is the biggest marketing and blockchain summit in the world. Thanks to Webit they have huge worldwide network.

After their first Webit Congress, in 2012 they founded an e-learning platform for students who study for IELTS, YDS, SAT together. In months they have met lots of youth ones aged 14-20 who invented something for the world. When they have heard those ones could not get any help by others. Then they introduce them to important people that they have known in Turkey. However they could not find enough people that they wanted to help those children. Being children of colonels has learnt them a lot about their country and history. As a result of that, they believe that if they have a chance to create any goodness for their country and also for the world itself, they have to do it which necessary to make it real. Because of this reason they have exited from their startup and acquired enough capital to build and grow Minorpreneurs.

Minorpreneurs was founded to work with children and teenagers aged 7-25 to build creative, social individuals out of them who never give up in October 2015. Ilker & Ya€›z started to research to find an answer that question, “What do we have to do to help those children who have enough potential to create something?” While they were researching about it, they have realised that people have failed 96 percent about their dreams because of the lack of knowledge about themselves.” We do not know ourselves. We do not know how we can learn anything by ourselves and because of it we do not guess why & when we will fail. Because of lack of knowledge +90% of entrepreneurs have failed even they had got billion dollar investments.

They found the best solution in their own country!

For these reasons, they have visited many countries and talked with lots of schools, goverments who has successful education systems. However they found the best solution in their own country! About almost 90 years ago founder of Republic of Turkey have shown the way that they have to walk on.  Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's vision about education have been their light on journey of Minorpreneurs. They have decided that “We will discover potential of the youth ones aged to 7-25 and re-model our education systems for each learning styles of every student! This will be our solution for the future!” They put together Ataturk's vision with technology of today.

19 May 2016, first course of Minorpreneurs which is prepared by a vision almost 90 years ago met with students. The vision and the new education system have worked! 36 different students under 18 years old -they called them minorpreneurs- have founded 15 different startups. In 9 months team of Minorpreneurs always hold their hands of their students on their journey to make them successful. Therefore they have succeed lots of achievements! They have won 23 different prizes from competitions in Turkey and those students have earned totally over 50.000€ from their startups in 6 months. In Turkey, only %0,02 of startups earn approximately 1000$ yearly. Considering this ratio, Minorpreneurs was 100 times more successful with their education programs! Because of those achievements they have invited to Web Summit which is biggest technology and startup summit in the world and they have became the Turkey ambassador of Web Summit. Until 2019 they have been successful about selecting 37 startups from Turkey to the Web Summit.

Minorpreneurs have won over 300 prizes worldwide

With the power of Hackquarters, one of the most important startup accelerator program in Turkey, they have been continuing to achieve lots of more! In 3 years Minorpreneurs have worked 4 different private schools, 17 companies and they have 256 minorpreneurs (students) now. Those minorpreneurs have won over 300 prizes worldwide. 4 of them be a TEDx speaker an one of them was the youngest one in MENA. They have won 83 university scholarships thanks to their startup achievements. Their startups have managed their operations in 24 countries, created 118 job oppurtinites and have earned totally over 1.800.000 $ since they have started. Last year one of minorpreneurs have founded an e-sport team called Gamers of Future – in shortly GoF – to train youth ones who have potential about being an e-sport player. Gamers of Future in its first season in e-sport arena they were the 5th team in Turkey's Super League. In their second season they were the 2nd team in the league. They played at Final of Turkey's National Cup and they got chance to join the world cup. Besides the team of Minorpreneurs, their students try to educate youth ones to create a better future for them.

MinorEdu will be the world's first blockchain based e-learning platform

Minorpreneurs also have managed a campaign called “Children Who Will Enlighten Our Future” and with this campaign they have been going to the rural areas to educate children who have a potential and try to give them scholarships to make the world a better place. They have been developing an e-learning platform about this project called MinorEdu. MinorEdu will be the world's first blockchain based e-learning platform that has an AI to learn the learning styles of its students and re-model and re-schedule all education programs for each student. Alumni of MinorEdu will become the founder of the next billion dollar tech companies. Lots of investors have started to talk with Minorpreneurs to join the board of directors as an investor of MinorEdu to get a chance to be the first investors of the founders of next Tesla, Airbnb, Hyperloop …etc.

Finally we want to share their motto, which is a  phrase from Atatürk “You won't compliment anyone to be great. You won't cheat anybody. You will see the real purpose for the world and you will walk to that goal. Lots of people will be against you, and everybody will try to turn you from your way. But you will resist it. They will stack endless obstacles in front of you. You will overcome these barriers one by one by preparing yourself for the most difficult conditions. After these, you'll laugh at people who called you, “Big”.

MinorEdu will be the world's first blockchain based e-learning platform that has an AI to learn the learning styles of its students.