InovaTİM's New Target is Antarctica

InovaTİM members continue to perform their studies in every region and almost every province of Turkey.

InovaTİM is a large family of 2256 people working in the fields of innovation, information economy and entrepreneurship in 150 universities. Students in InovaTİM; go abroad together with businessmen, receive training on entrepreneurship and innovation, attend Turkey Innovation Week events, meet-ups and companies abroad visits, getting scholarships and developing projects.

InovaTİM members continue to perform their studies in every region and almost every province of Turkey. Project teams, one of the most important pillars of our 2018 strategy, both produce high technology and make contributions to science with the products and projects they developed.

We are trying to spread this culture to every region of Turkey.

As a summary, InovaTİm members work harder to success and this team looks like bees working for beehives.

ITU - ROV Team

This team, organized by InovaTİM members in ITU and organized to develop underwater vehicles and perform R&D activities in various fields, is very strong.

InovaTİM members started to study with a mentorship that has achieved many international and national successes, proved that the team will continue same successful studies by adding a new addition to the national and international achievements last year.

What are the Achievements?

            -2017 MATE ROV Competition America, representation in the finals.

            -2017 MATE ROV Competition Pillar of Turkey, first rank.

            Mentors of InovaTİM joined the finals of the Space-X Hyperloop Pod Competition in previous years with the same team and won the world championship in the CANSAT Competition which is a model satellite competition organized by NASA.

Idealist Bees

The goal of the ROV Team is not only to prepare for international competitions.

Their greatest ambitions are; to make a contribution to science with the products they have developed, and to work on the design of such high technologies by InovaTİM members in every region.

In this context, to send the remotely operated underwater vehicle which they produced for scientific research campaign planned to be carried out in December in Antarctica, and to use it in research studies to be carried out under glaciers.

A Note From Our 2018 Strategies;

Many universities such as METU, ITU, Uludag University, Istanbul Aydin University and Dokuz Eylül University have formed the backbone of such project teams.

By working together, we will spread the culture of providing added value and producing high technology to the younger generation in every region of Turkey and we will work tirelessly for a better future.

What is ROV?

It means a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle. Underwater vehicles are used for maritime tasks, which are out of people's reach and difficult to accomplish, such as search and rescue. Many underwater tasks, such as installation, maintenance, and repair of offshore platforms and underwater pipelines, screening of underwater habitats, can be achieved with a high-resolution camera and a robot arm with an operator out of the water.