A Game-Changing Locker Lock: miniK10

miniK10 offers a locker lock that is eco-friendly, can be managed on a mobile app and used with a time-stamped passcode and employs cloud technology – all for the first time!


EUROPE AND THE USA are home to a number of success stories that start with “in a garage”. Garages are not so common in Turkish culture. But, in the face of their garages, we have success stories starting with “in the attic” just like the one representing Vemus.

The creator of miniK10, Vemus Industrial Electronics Turkey was established in Bursa, a  prominent industrial city in Turkey, in the year 1989. The story of Vehbi and Mustafa Dayanıklı brothers, who had taken a close interest in electronics in childhood, started with their production of amps for marketplace sellers and of electronic lighting features. Even then, they decided to start up their own business on the basis of the pleasure they derived from their initial success. They did not have any capital. Therefore, they set off their journey as a small business. But they kept abreast of the developing world.

Vemus designs and produces unique electronic locks aiming to contribute to the satisfactions of the needs of people for security and comfort under their Kilitronik brand and with their slogan: “Leading Locker Lock in Turkey”.

In this context, its vision aims to offer internationallypatented innovative products as a service to humanity. The most successful product family among Kilitronik products covers miniK10 locker locks. miniK10 products have been exported to 31 countries notably including the USA, Germany, the UK, Italy, Australia and Finland.


miniK10 For Every Locker

Available for use at new-generation offices, personnel/student lockers, security/checkpoint lockers, deposit lockers, post boxes, and lockers at healthcare institutions/ laboratories, SPA centres, and sports facilities, etc., Kilitronik and miniK10 products offer keyless access, thereby providing for ease of use and adding value to every such facility.

With its investment in automation, Vemus aims to establish the infrastructure necessary for Industry 4.0, produce miniK10 with an automation rate of 90%, and increase its annual production capacity to 100,000 pieces. Kilitronik miniK10 product family is among the products further discovered and preferred by architects, interior architects, and furniture designers as a family of user-, businessand eco-friendly products manageable with a mobile app offering “all-around easy” features, as well as support and post-sale services, which stand out as the smallest products in the world equipped with 12-key locks and an economic life approaching 10 years with a single button battery.

An Easy Platform to Manage Electronic Locks: hopinlock

Vemus also appended its signature to an important innovation in electronic locker locks by allowing locks to be managed easily with the innovative “hopinlock” app they developed in the year 2016.

“hopinlock” makes it much easier for managers to manage multiple locks as an app allowing access to all parameters featured by Kilitronik locker locks on mobile devices. Opening locks fast and easily without troublesome and exhausting keying makes it possible for passcodes and usage parameters in a manner completely independent from locations. This feature patented with Vemus as a system, resonated extremely well with the world.

The “hopinlock platform” has enabled 12,500 locker locks in a university campus to be used and managed successfully for three year.

Kilitronik products and especially miniK10 is primarily admired by architects, internal architects, and furniture designers at various fairs around the world. One country distributor for Vemus has apparently “fallen in love” with miniK10, which is now in preparations for an expansion in its network of distributors and for the creation of new sales channels in e-trade.

Keeping an eye on Vemus is highly recommended for its on-going projects and its pipeline of more “gamechangers” in the world.