Women Exporters are Landing on the Field

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) Women Council is accelerating its efforts with the aim of increase the number of women exporters, greater women efficiency in exports and increased awareness of access to support and financing. While TİM Women Council decided to organize a virtual trade delegation with the participation of only women in Latin America, it gave the message to all NGOs and related organizations, “A stronger economy is possible with our women being more active in exports. Together we must join our forces on this issue”

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle "We believe that, “The architects of Türkiye rising with exports, will be our women. With the dedication and diligence of our women, we will set new records by overcoming obstacles even during this difficult period."

TİM Women Council, which was established for the first time in 2018 and has 54 members within the body of TİM, is increasing its activities with the aim of increase the number of women exporters, being more effective, and increasing awareness about access to support and financing. In this context, it was decided to organize the Virtual Trade Delegation -with the coordination of the Ministry of Commerce and the organization of TİM- which will cover all sectors in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico, for compensating the effects of international trade and exports during the Covid-19 process and taking a stronger place in the new world order after pandemic.

TİM Women Council will land in Latin America

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, gave information about the works of TİM Women Council, and said “Especially Zero Waste Project and the Trade Delegations carried out by our Women Council stood out among these projects. Besides, we held 'Türkiye - Spain Women Entrepreneurs Dialogue' session last month with the support of our Parliament in the scope of Türkiye - Spain 1st Term JETCO. In this session, women entrepreneurship, encouragement of women and increase the number of women in exporters were on our agenda. In the coming period, 'we plan to carry out many important activities within our Women Council. The most important of these will be our Virtual Trade Delegations with our women entrepreneurs. We plan to organize a new one of the virtual delegations we have organized in 7 countries so far in Latin American countries with the female exporters. We believe that, 'The architect of Türkiye rising with exports will be our women. Our women entrepreneurs which with equal rights, must be more powerful in decision making mechanisms of business life. Therefore, our every step will mean we sign example works not only in our country, but also globally. On the way to becoming one of the top 10 economies in the world, it is important that for our women to participate in the economy, labor force and social projects. Without you, we cannot reach our goals, we will overcome the obstacles and set new records with the dedication and diligence of you even during this difficult period.

We want our women entrepreneurs to benefit more from financial resources

Referring to the support provided to female entrepreneurs, Gülle said, "KOSGEB has provided a total of 1 billion 5 million 363 thousand TL support to 55,046 businesses belonging to female entrepreneurs in 2015-2019. In 2015, KOSGEB's support for businesses owned by women entrepreneurs was TL 58 million, while in 2019 it exceeded TL 298 million. A total of 85 companies have applied for Eximbank's support for women's in flow stakes, and a total of $6.1 million has been credited. As you know, we have signed a cooperation with 'Türkiye İş Bankası' to be the lifeblood to exporters in the harsh conditions created by the pandemic. Within the scope of the package, to ensure positive discrimination, we have created more advantageous conditions for loans that women entrepreneurs will use. With this package, our female exporters had access to financing at lower interest rates. Within the scope of the loan package signed with İş Bankası, so far, a loan in TL amounting 570 thousand and credit for $344,000 in foreign currency were used to our female entrepreneurial exporters. We expect our female entrepreneurs to be more active in using financial resources. It is our greatest hope that these numbers will increase even further. We want our women to be more courageous and entrepreneurial."

Call for Support to Institutions

Gülle said, "There are very few women who are entrepreneurs and exporters in business life. Our women exporters' credit usage rates and benefit from supports and incentives of both Eximbank, KOSGEB and private and public banks is extremely low. Female entrepreneurs, especially operating at SME level, need to get more training on credit and investment. There is also a job for institutions to provide education. We expect our female exporters to make good assessment of the supports and benefit from new supports".

TİM Women Council also told other NGOs and related institutions, "A stronger economy is possible by our women being more effective in exports. Together we must unite our forces on this issue".

TİM Women Council Vice Chairman Adalet İnanç:

We are going to support women

Vice Chairman of TİM Women Council, Adalet İnanç, said: “We fulfill especially important responsibilities with our TİM Women Council. In this regard, I would like to thank our Chairman, Mr. İsmail Gülle. He has been fully supportive of any project that will make way for our women exporters from day one and create new opportunities. Now it is women entrepreneurs' turn. We expect them to make good use of this and sign successful stories in exports while they have a serious opportunity ahead of them. We, as TİM Women Council, are ready to support all women who want to be exporter and want to win new markets.

TİM Women Council Vice Chairman Sultan Tepe:

We are ready to mentorship

Vice Chairman of TİM Women Council, Sultan Tepe, said, "Our goal is to increase our exports as a Council in this challenging process that the world is going through and to take our success one step further with the participation of our new female exporters in our family. In this context, we will start special virtual trade delegations for our female exporters. Increasing the number of female entrepreneurs will add more power to our exports. For this, we ask our female entrepreneurs to take bolder steps and benefit more from the support and incentives. As TİM Women Council, we are ready to mentor our female entrepreneurs. I would like to thank our Chairman Mr. İsmail Gülle who gave full support to our ideas and projects.

TİM Women Council Vice Chairman Belma Yilmazyiğit:

Export is a must for a strong economy

TİM Women Council Vice Chairman, Belma Yılmazyiğit, said, "We can't steer the wind, but we can always set our sails to reach our destination. Knowing that exports are the solution for our strong economy, we should reach more women and focus on exports with our strong entrepreneur women, on the road we set off by saying 'We Comply with Measures', 'We Protect Our Health', 'We Do Not Suspend Our Jobs' during the pandemic period.

TİM Women Council Vice Chairman Melisa Tokgöz Mutlu:

We will show the strength of the Turkish woman

TİM Women Council Vice Chairman Melisa Tokgöz Mutlu said that products with high added value and net foreign exchange must be produced and exported in this period, when competition in world trade has increased further and said, “Therefore, innovation and entrepreneurship come to the fore. We will try to get our women producers and exporters into the system even more and support them in terms of both financing and finding a market. Thus, we will begin to see the power of Turkish women even more in world markets.

TİM Women Council Vice Chairman Nilgün Özdemir:

Strong Türkiye is stronger with its women

Nilgün Özdemir, Vice Chairman of TİM Women Council, said: "The only condition of being able to get to each other and our environment is to produce. Once again, we have seen how important production and exports in the pandemic process that has shaken all the world. Sustainable trade is possible with production in internationally compliant standards. It makes us advantageous to other competing countries. Our sensitivity in zero waste, carbon footprint, circular economy also carries us above exports. In this process, to facilitating for our female exporters to access funding so that they can take part in the world league; to provide their participation in foreign delegations and, for sustainable exports, to encourage them for 'Safe Product, Safe Production' is very important. Strong Türkiye is stronger with its women."

TİM Women Council Vice Chairman Huriye Yamanyılmaz:

We expect positive discrimination against women

Huriye Yamanyılmaz, Vice Chairman of TİM Women Council, said, "Many of our female entrepreneurs and SMEs are unfortunately not exporters. They are being timid about exports. While increasing our number of entrepreneurs, we will organize serious training programs that will grow our SMEs. In addition to education, we will also carry out activities that will increase the self-confidence of our female entrepreneurs and increase their motivations. Another important issue is that we will be working on ways to make it easier for female entrepreneurs to access financial resources. Under the leadership of TİM, we strive to make more positive discrimination against female entrepreneurs at the point of access to financial resources from Turkish Eximbank and private banks."

TİM Women Council Vice Chairman Pınar Taşdelen Ergin:

We are going to organize training programs for women

Pınar Taşdelen Ergin, Vice Chairman of TİM Women Council, said that the number of innovative female entrepreneurs in many areas in Türkiye is increasing, "Some have a very well-educated and broad worldview, while there are also those who have no training, but have made a name with their entrepreneurial spirit and courage. We are committed to increasing the number of entrepreneurial women, encouraging them to take part in the business world, to ensure they have the knowledge they need. I fully believe that many women in both our industry and other sectors will be encouraged and join the entrepreneurial army of our country with the mentoring support we will provide as NGOs and the financial support and guidance of the state.