TİM “Women Export Talks” Started with the Theme of “How Did We Start Exporting, How Did We Succeed?”

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) continues to work to ensure that women play a more role in the business world and to encourage women entrepreneurs to export, led by TİM Women Council. In this context, TİM started the “Women Export Talks” webinar series that successful businesswomen will share with the participants how they started exporting and their recommendations for the business world. The first seminar was held with the title of “How did we start exporting, how did we succeed?” and with the participation of TİM Women Council Deputy Chairwoman Adalet İnanç and Gündüz Group Executive Deputy Chairwoman Ruken Mızraklı as speakers.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), the only umbrella organization for exports in Türkiye with 61 exporters' associations, 27 sectors, and 95,000 exporters, has started the “Women Export Talks” webinar series to encourage women entrepreneurs to export. The first seminar was held with the name of “How did we start and how did we get it in export?” and with the participation of TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, TİM Women Council Deputy Chairwoman Adalet İnanç and Gündüz Group Executive Deputy Chairwoman Ruken Mızraklı, was published live in TİM's corporate internet address and social media accounts.

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, who gave the opening speech, said, "We were the pioneers of Virtual Trade Delegations, Virtual Fairs, Virtual Award Ceremonies during the pandemic period. Our exporters showed great interest in the “TİM Export Talks” meetings with the participation of our Ambassadors with the USA, China, EU, and Netherlands. Now we are having online meetings with our exporting women under the name “TİM Women Export Talks”. Our Webinar series will be the subject of 9 committees in the first place. The chairman of each of our committees will meet and evaluate their own subject with a moderator and a female exporter who successful in the field. We will express the work of our TİM Women Council, the achievements of our female entrepreneurs in exports, and the support given. In addition, we will implement virtual delegations including NGOs, TİM Women Council and trade consultants formed by women entrepreneurs of that country on the part of the target countries to be determined.”


Talking about another project of TİM, İsmail Gülle said, “We plan to organize webinars for our schooled girls in universities. Our council members are already giving speeches at universities. We plan to hold these speeches of our members as TİM Women Council. Our goal is to inform our students correctly and to include them in our activities. Our goal is to raise awareness in our women entrepreneurs, to make more use of the support and incentives offered, and to make them take bolder steps in exports." Gülle spoke as “Trade diplomacy activities have become our routine on virtual platforms. As of this month, we have completed our Virtual Trade Delegations in 11 countries. Among these delegations, we showed great importance to the first virtual trade delegation for our exporters of the name we carried out with our women's company. We are also pleased that more than 100 companies participating in our delegation have signed important agreements with close to 200 bilateral business interviews.”


Adalet İnanç, Deputy Chairwoman of the TİM Women Council, said: “The place of our women in the business world cannot be underestimated compared to the scales of the outside world. However, it is unfortunately not at the desired level at decision-making points in management mechanisms. The situation in education, health, and politics are no different. Our goal is to be able to open their way by supporting our women, to raise awareness, and to find technology-supported solutions. Another important factor is to do seminars and training studies in the obstacles encountered by environmental factors. Other issues we care about are providing appropriate support for financial needs with financial institutions under the conditions of the day, and improving the ability of women to do business on the international platform by discriminating positively if necessary in the process until the equal opportunity is ensured by collaborating with universities for the obstacles encountered in education. Women have significant potential in the world of consumption, reaching $4 trillion a year. Why shouldn't women with such significant potential play a more role in the production? Why should we, as women of the country, not increase our level of education to compete in the international market with technological support? Why should we not contribute more to the country's economy by producing high value-added products? After all, we can create our brands instead of contract manufacturing to the world. We have all the necessary materials for this. There is water, there is flour, and there is sugar. Why not make halwa?”


Ruken Mızraklı, Deputy Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Gündüz Group, said: “I think the two issues we need to focus on the most are: Women's Employment and education. We must take the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - we call STEM - out of the guidance of boys, should encourage our girls to receive education in this direction and to work in these areas after graduation. Pandemic changed people's perspective. The right guide is science, and the other is intelligence and education. We are talking about the importance of AI. 80 percent of the people who wrote the algorithms that developed AI are men. So, in the future, we are going to come up with algorithms where the female perspective is in no way involved. According to the 2018 survey in Türkiye, 245,000 people work in technology and only 10 percent are women. Only 13 percent of the world's patent holders are women. Now we see that in the reality of pandemic, especially women and lower socio-economic levels are affecting more negatively. Therefore, I believe that positive discrimination against women should be supported even more than normal, especially in this delicate process. Women need to demand to be in decision-making mechanisms in every industry. In production, industry, politics, art, education, financing, every media that concerns people. If we want to be among the top 10 economies in the world, we have to solve the women's employment problem permanently because it is not possible for any country that cannot effectively include half its population in employment to developing adequately.”

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