TİM Southeastern Anatolia Assembly Meets

Gaziantep Becomes A Role Model for Export to Türkiye

"The TİM Southeastern Anatolia Assembly" meeting, organized by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), to increase Türkiye's export and Gaziantep's share by evaluating the economic dynamics of the region, was held in Gaziantep. The program, which received a lot of attention, was opened by Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül and TİM chairman İsmail Gülle. Speaking at the opening of the program, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said Gaziantep is a role model for all Anatolia with its exports.

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, "Gaziantep has read Türkiye's development very well. The city made its investments accordingly and created its brands accordingly. Our city put export at the center of the business. In the last 20 years, our city's export has increased 17-fold. In Gaziantep, 10 of our sectors realized the highest export in their history in 2021. In addition, our veteran city (Gazi means 'veteran' in Turkish) set an export record for 100 countries in 2021."

The "TİM Southeastern Anatolia Assembly" meeting organized by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), the only umbrella organization of more than 100,000 exporters with 61 Exporters Association and 27 sectors, was held in Gaziantep to increase Türkiye's export and Gaziantep's share by evaluating the economic dynamics of the region. Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, Sanko Holding Honorary President Abdulkadir Konukoğlu, GAIB Coordinator Chairman Ahmet Fikret Kileci, Ahmet Kaplan who is one of the unions presidents, Mahsum Altunkaya, Mehmet Çıkmaz, Salahattin Kaplan, TİM Women's Council Vice President Adalet İnan, TİM Women's Council Member İpek Teymur Külekçi, KOSGEB President Hasan Basri Kurt and Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Chairman Adnan Ünverdi attended the event, which was chaired by TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle.

"Gaziantep's export increased by 48 percent in 4 years, exceeding 10 billion dollars"

Speaking at the opening of the program, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle noted Türkiye's and Gaziantep's high performance in export in 4 years. Gülle said, "When we have taken office 4 years ago, we had made our Southeastern Anatolia Assembly program. On that day, our export was 164 billion dollars, our number of exporters was 65 thousand and our export load was 115 million tons. Gaziantep's export was 7 billion dollars, and the total exports of Southeastern Anatolia were 10.3 billion dollars. We had 2,528 exporters in Gaziantep and 3,685 in Southeastern Anatolia."

"Since then, we have come to the point where our exports have increased to 225 billion dollars in 4 years. Our number of exporters exceeded 100 thousand. Our export load reached 174 million tons. Gaziantep's export increased by 48 percent, exceeding 10 billion dollars. Gaziantep's economy grew by 19 percent and our Southeastern Anatolia region grew by 13 percent. Our number of exporters in Gaziantep increased to 3,490 and in Southeastern Anatolia to 5,355. The number of Organized Industrial Zones in Gaziantep increased to 6 and the number of Organized Industrial Zones in the Southeastern Anatolia increased to 15. Hopefully, with two OSB to be opened in the region soon, the export of our region will increase even more." he said.

10 sectors in Gaziantep realized the highest exports in their history

Stating that Gaziantep is the fifth most exporting city, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle continued: "In these four years, electricity and electronics sector exports increased by 300 percent, Dried Fruits by 102 percent, Cereals by 70 percent, Carpet by 54 percent, and Textile Sector exports by 34 percent. In Gaziantep, 10 of our sectors realized the highest exports in their history in 2021. In addition, our veteran city (Gazi means 'veteran' in Turkish) set an export record for 100 countries in 2021."

"We carefully follow the developments in Gaziantep-Mersin High-Speed Train Project"

Emphasizing that the process of moving export products and reducing their costs will become much more important in the future, TİM Chairman Gülle pointed out that in 2021, 66 percent of Gaziantep's exports are carried out by sea and 30 percent by road. Gülle said, "We carefully follow the developments in Gaziantep-Mersin high-speed train project, which will reduce costs, especially during the landing process at the ports. We also expressed the importance of this line for our exporters in the region in our meetings with our Minister of Transport. After the process is completed, we will continue our exports at more affordable costs and faster with the line that will be active in 3 years".

Intense interest from our exporters to The Logistics Portal of Türkiye

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle stated that the Turkish Logistics Portal, which they implemented last October, was met with great interest by our exporters. Informing that more than 2,000 companies have started to receive services as registrations in the portal, which is designed as a digital bridge between exporters and logisticians, Gülle said that he believes that the developing structure of the Turkish Logistics Portal, will make much greater contributions to our companies.

"We will leave a better tomorrow for future generations"

Emphasizing that they will witness the change in many senses in 2022, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle continued his speech: "As the Turkish Exporters Assembly, we are in this change. Because with the rise in our export, we are now in a new league in global trade. In the new period, we are creating both our strategy and our perspective on export with an understanding that will increase the quality as well as quantity. By establishing a sustainable system in export, we will leave better tomorrows for future generations. We have laid the foundations for the projects that will form the infrastructure for this. Our TİM Brand Council, which we established last year, has started projects that will serve the brand value of our exports and our country. In addition, the TİM Women's Council, which we established to ensure the effective participation of our women in the economy and export, continues its activities for women exporters and entrepreneurs with an intensive agenda. We organize virtual and general trade delegations exclusively for our female exporters, bring them together with buyers all over the world. In addition, next week, with the presence of Ms. Emine Erdoğan, we will also hold our award ceremony where we will crown the achievements of our female exporters. In addition, we have established GençTİM to raise the export-competent generation of the future from today. In a very short period, GençTİM has reached more than 600 members. Meanwhile, the number of GençTİM from our Southeastern Anatolia region is 37".

Gülle also said, "Moreover, with the awareness of the reality of climate change, we have established our TİM Climate Committee to anticipate all the opportunities and risks that may arise. Following our TİM Sustainability Action Plan, our sectoral action plans continue to be implemented one by one. Following our Textile Action plan, which we announced in June last year, we will also announce the roadmap of our agricultural sector in the coming days. Within the framework of our TİM SME Export Mobilization training program, we meet with our companies from all over Anatolia."

732 companies in Gaziantep exported for the first time this year

Stating that they carried the program to gain new members to the export family to Gaziantep, where has great potential, in the pre-pandemic period, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said that thanks to these efforts, an average of 1700 companies started exporting every month in 2021, and 732 companies from Gaziantep participated in the export family by exporting for the first time this year.

106 trade delegations to 73 Countries

Gülle stated that trade delegations are another important work that contributes to the number of exporters and increasing market diversity, "Despite the pandemic, we brought our exporters together with the world with 106 delegations we carried out in 73 countries. On March 5, we will also hold our Israeli trade delegation with large participation. We invite all our companies that want to improve their trade relations with the region to our trade delegations."