TİM presented the roadmap to President Erdoğan in the new export campaign

Stronger Türkiye with new export mobilization

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) presented the roadmap and action plan to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who initiated the process of reforming the economy, regarding the new export mobilization. TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, “Türkiye began its export adventure with 35 billion dollars, with together our President. Today we are advancing to the export target of $200 billion. We have upgraded Türkiye with exports, and we will continue to upgrade. We did not evade from the responsibility during difficult times, will never evade in the coming period” he said.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), the only umbrella organization in Türkiye for 61 exporters' associations, 27 sectors, and 95,000 exporters, met with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. President Erdoğan accepted TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, the delegation of Council of Sectors, and TİM Board Members in Vahdettin Mansion. During the meeting, stating that they fully supported the mobilization of exports during the new normal and new reform period within the scope of Türkiye's vision of a foreign trade surplus, Gülle shared the TİM's projects, the new roadmaps in exports, and an action plan with President Erdoğan, with a detailed presentation.

“The Goal is “Türkiye with foreign trade surplus”

Stating that they are thankful for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's support for exports so far, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, “Türkiye began its export adventure with 35 billion dollars, with together our President. Today we are advancing to the export target of $200 billion. So, since we started the third thousand years, under the leadership of our Presidency, we have almost increased exports by 6 times. We have upgraded Türkiye with exports, and we will continue to upgrade. Together with the Turkish Exporters Assembly, which is the only umbrella organization of export in Türkiye, we are confident that we will achieve many successes. We are aware that we are embarking on a whole new journey with our president. With a consciousness that exports will not be done without production, the support of our President is of great importance to ensure domestic and national production especially in the intermediate goods that we depend on the outside. In this context, we need the support of the President, which will enable us to be competitive in the fields of energy and employment, as well as support for investment financing.”

“As TİM, we work with our whole strength”

İsmail Gülle emphasized that they are working with their forces to make Turkish export goods a trademark of our country, and listed their expectations for the new mobilization they started in exports as TİM:

“The foreign trade regime and the foreign exchange regime must be transparent and understandable. The changes should be less frequent. As our president has often underlined, economic management that walks simultaneously with market dynamics for a predictable exchange rate level, not constantly rising, needs a new approach that establishes confidence. Continuous support and funding for Eximbank and the institutions that finance exports. An effective and competitive logistics network to increase the opportunities for foreign sales and the supply of our country. To be in constant coordination with our Central Bank and public banks, to exchange views once a month. Emergency investments in digital infrastructure and automation systems. In these regards, we are aware of the sensitivity of our government as well as the vast vision of our President. In this critical period, we do not doubt that our President's support for exports and the exporter who shed their sweat will continue unceasingly from now on, as before.

“Young TİM and Türkiye Export Council”

Expressing that they are aware of that how a big burden in the exporter's shoulders and the key to the development of the country is exports, Gülle said, “We did not evade from the responsibility during difficult times, will never evade in the coming period. Non-stop, tor the aim of “Rising Türkiye With Export”, we continue to work with the same excitement every day under the leadership of our Presidency. In line with the goal of “Stronger Exports Stronger Türkiye”, we want to organize the “Türkiye Export Council”, where the future of national exports will be shaped, and we plan to organize traditionally. In this context, we plan to organize “Regional Consultation Meetings for Türkiye Export Council” with the Coordinator Heads of Exporters' Associations in 13 regions under the umbrella of our Parliament.”

“Target: To be one of the top 10 exporter countries in the world”

Gülle continued, within the scope of “Türkiye Export Council”, despite the challenging conditions and increasing competition, “More and stronger exports”, Türkiye to be one of the top 10 exporter countries in the world, we aim to prepare a road plan and continue to work within the framework of this plan. On the other hand, with the slogan 'The Exporters of the Nation is at the Home of the Nation', meeting with our President for the evaluating the 2021 Goals, Visions and Opportunities has given morale and strength to the export family. After the Council, for “Stronger Exports Stronger Türkiye”, we would like to share the 2021 Roadmap with public opinion.

“We care about young people and women participating in exports”

As the Turkish Exporters Assembly, especially they care young people and women' participation in exports, Gülle said, “Almost two years have passed since the establishment of our Women's Council and our council has already signed many important projects. Another project, designed by our Parliament for the youth who are the future of our country could be a more active role in the export processes, is “Young TİM”. First, our project has two objectives: to raise the young generation of exporters of the future, to prepare them for the world of competition, and to establish a council under the umbrella of TIM to train the second generation of exporting and exporting companies as competent foreign trades. Another goal is to create an artificial intelligence-assisted platform that targets domestic and international students studying in our country and reaches this audience through effective digital media.”

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, “We believe that Young TİM will carry out the sharing of experience between first- and second-generation exporters, create strong university-industry cooperation that will contribute to the increase in value-added exports, provide internships and employment opportunities to young workers who will contribute to our country's foreign trade diplomacy, and strengthen the capacity development of young people who are compatible with global competition under TİM. With our Young TİM Council, it will carry out sustainable activities that focus on our young exporters; With the training programs organized by TİM, we will provide the theoretical and practical information transfer to the next generation of foreign trade workers. Under the auspices of our president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, with the target of “Türkiye's Future is Exports, The Future of Exports is Youth”, we want to organize “Young Export Summit” with the participation of young exporters, traditionally every year in the Presidential Complex. With the Summit, we will work to encourage young people to export and focus on innovative ideas contributing to business life.

“We have done a lot of work with our President and our government in a very small time”

Stating that under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan they have achieved great things with the government in a very short time, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, “If the brand of “Made in Türkiye” is popularly known around the world today, our President's contributions are huge in this success. I would like to express my deepest gratitude in the name of their endless support to export to him.”