TİM Chairman Gülle: "We Have Clamped Together in The Pandemic; Now it is Time To Winging"


Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) announced the export data for July. Türkiye's exports reached the highest monthly figure in the pandemic process with 15 billion 12 million dollars in July 2020. The rate of increase in July exports compared to last month was 11.5 percent. While 1,641 companies joined the export family, exports to 77 countries reached the highest level since the beginning of the pandemic, and 16 sectors exported the highest monthly exports.

TİM Chairman Gülle said, "As the export family in March, we said that the day is not a day of despair, our targets are bigger than Covid-19 in April, our expectations are beyond normal in May and we will achieve today as in the past in June. Our Exports in July were the highest monthly export figures since the start of the pandemic. The Turkish exporter was able to turn the direction of the game to himself in a short period of time. We have clamped together in the pandemic process; now it is time to winging.”

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) announced temporary foreign trade data for July. According to the General Trade System (GTS), exports were 15 billion 12 million dollars in July, down 5.8 percent from July last year due to the difference in the working day brought by the feast holiday. The rate of increase compared to June was 11.5 percent. Exports in the last 12 months were $166.6 billion, a loss of 7.9 percent.

TİM Chairman Gülle evaluates the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the world economy, "International organizations in the global economy and trade expect the biggest post-World War II contraction in 2020. According to the European Commission's '2020 Summer Economic Forecasts' report, the European Union, our most important export market, is expected to shrink by 8.3 percent in 2020. The United States, which is also among our major export markets, will shrink by 6.6 percent this year according to IMF expectations. On the other hand, a possible second wave triggers uncertainties and downward risks all over the world. So, according to OECD expectations, the scenario in which the second wave of the outbreak occurred is 11.2 percent of total exports in the world and 12.2 percent in imports by 2020; The United Kingdom  is expected to shrink by 14 percent, Russia 10 percent and Germany by 8.8 percent," he said.

"The perception of 'Made in Türkiye' is improving in our markets"

In June Türkiye passed the Covid-19 pandemic's negative effects on in the exports market in March-April-May emphasizing that Gülle, said “As the export family, we stated in March the day is not a day of despair, and we said in April our targets are greater than Covid-19, in May our expectations are beyond normal and, in June expressed that we will achieve today as in the past. Türkiye positively distinguished from many countries in June, with an increase of 35 percent in exports compared to the previous month. Our exports continued this success again in July, an increase of 11.5 percent compared to June. Our exports in July were the highest monthly export figure since the announce of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Turkish exporter was able to turn the direction of the game to himself in a short period of time. As the field protector of trade diplomacy, we have been on the field under all circumstances for our exporters. We have demonstrated our strength in reliable supply during this challenging time in the world. We have not ignored the needs of our own people, nor have we stopped extending our helping hand to the world. With these studies, the perception of 'Made in Türkiye' is increasing day by day in our markets, and confidence in our country. Türkiye, registers a becoming a 'reliable port' of global trade, continues its 'course beyond normal in exports'. We have clamped together in the pandemic, now it is time to winging. Every month we walk to our targets by putting it above the previous month. Every increase in our country's foreign exchange input encourages us even more in our struggle. Our only goal in this way is 'Rising Türkiye with exports."

"Virtual Trade Delegations will continue with Colombia, Mexico and Germany"

Gülle noted that the government's significant support for the present and future of exports has been implemented in all areas, "In the field of Social Security, many supports, which like short work allowance, cash supports, to low-cost and flexible conditional loans, has contributed greatly to get over the real sector's difficult process. We will continue to see the effects of these supports in the coming period. In this sense, we would like to thank especially our President, Minister of Commerce and, Minister of Treasury and Finance which bring on behalf of quick solutions to our exporters' problems and their approaches to giving priority of exports" he said. Gülle said about the works carried out within TİM in pandemic duration to bringing exporters together with new opportunities “The activities of the next generation of trade diplomacy have now become a tradition in TİM. With the first Virtual Trade Delegations, Virtual Fairs, Virtual Awards Ceremonies, Export Talks Meetings, and even the Virtual Competition we will organize soon, we have held more than 800 online meetings with our Exporters' Associations. We have taken the task of demonstrating the strength of the export family both in the field and in the virtual. This month, we added new ones to the Virtual Trade Delegations that we carried out under the coordination of our Ministry of Commerce. With the participation of many sector representatives, exporters have signed new cooperation in the emerging Nigerian and Pakistani markets. Our Virtual Trade Delegations will not be limited to Uzbekistan, Kenya, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan, and as TİM, we will continue our next generation trade diplomacy activities in target markets with 95,000 members of the export family. We will organize our August's first Virtual Trade Delegation on August 10-21 in Colombia and Mexico and related sectors, including agriculture, agricultural machinery, air conditioning, and packaging sectors. Again, in the next month, we will carry out the second Virtual Trade Delegation with our companies in the Iron and Steel, Machinery and Electrical and Electronics sectors to Germany. We have supplied in the right place and with confidence at the right time, it's time for new successes in exports."

In July 1641 companies joined the export family

Referring to the details about the Exports of July, TİM Chairman Gülle gave the following information: "Awareness of our riveted exports, which is an indispensable pillar for the present and future of the Turkish economy, and as TİM, as the clearest result of our SME export Mobilization training carried out in every part of our country; I am pleased to inform you that 1641 of our companies joined our export family in July. These companies, which have just started exporting, exported 97 million 404 thousand dollars in July. When viewed specifically, a total of 40,675 companies exported in July."

Exports to 96 countries increased by $842.6 million

Despite the negative picture in global trade, Türkiye managed to increase its exports to 96 countries by $842.6 million in July. This increased in 68 of the 96 countries was over 10 percent and more than 50 percent in 28. Among these countries, the United States with an increase of $136.5 million in exports compared to July last year, China with an increase of $120.3 million in exports, and Norway with an increase of $65.9 million in exports.

Covid-19 continued to increase exports of products

The Exports of Covid-19 products did not reduce the speed in July. Compared to last year; Respiratory Devices increased by 1647 percent compared to the same period last year, $10.2 million, Mask and Apron increased by 464 percent to $34.4 million, Diagnostic Kits increased by 180 percent to $11.1 million, Disinfectant exports increased by 16.7 percent to $18.8 million and Pharmaceutical exports increased by 52.9 percent to $1.2 million. Total Medical Product exports increased by 175.1 percent to $75.8 million.

16 sectors achieved their highest monthly exports

The automotive sector was the leader of July with 2 billion 201 million dollars in exports, while the Ready-to-Wear sector was second with 1 billion 813 million dollars, and the Chemical Materials sector reached 1 billion 583 million dollars. Those who achieved the strongest performance in July, 59.5 percent increase to 141.3 million dollars in exports reached 141.3 million dollars, The Ship and Yacht, 41.4 percent increase to 186.2 million dollars, reaching 186.2 million dollars, the Ornamental Plants sectors reached 23 percent to $6.1 million. In July, the apparel sector increased its exports to the United States by 53.4 percent and to the Netherlands by 34 percent.

Exports to 77 countries reached the highest level

In July, exporters managed to wave our country's flag in 213 countries and regions. Exports to 77 countries reached their highest level since the beginning of the pandemic.  The top 3 most exported countries were Germany with 1 billion 458 million dollars, the United Kingdom with 963.4 million dollars and the United States with 941.5 million dollars. While the share of exports in the top 10 countries was 48.9 percent, in the top 20 countries, this share rose to 67 percent. Each sector has managed to export to 19 countries, including the United States, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. The share of exports of the European Union, the largest market, fell to 41.5 percent with a volume of $6.23 billion.

The most remarkable increase was seen in Yalova

When you look at the exports of provinces; in July, 47 provinces increased their exports. The top 3 most exporting provinces respectively; İstanbul with 6 billion 28 million dollars, Bursa with 1 billion 155 million dollars, and Kocaeli with 942 million dollars. The most remarkable increases are Yalova, which exported $62 million with an increase of 1231 percent, Kastamonu reached $27 million with an increase of 538 percent, and Gümüşhane exported $5 million with an increase of 258 percent. In Rize, the mining sector increased its exports by 80 times, while in Mardin, the machinery sector increased its exports 7-fold. In Trabzon, the machinery sector increased its exports by 273 percent.

176 countries were exported with Turkish Lira

During the month, a total of 4 billion 399 million TL was exported to 176 countries. 6,804 companies preferred Turkish Lira in export transactions.

The positive effect of the parity was $106.2 million

Exports on a quantity basis were 13 million tons in July, an increase of 6.2 percent compared to the same month last year. Finally, the positive effect of Euro/Dollar parity in July was 106 million 182 thousand dollars.