TİM Chairman Gülle: Our exports to Indonesia in Defense and Aviation increased 70-fold

1,600 job interviews on 5 Continents from TİM

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) continues its Virtual Trade Delegation programs with Indonesia from November 16th to November 30th to reduce covid-19's effects on exports. TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, “So far we have had virtual trade delegation meetings with 12 different countries from 5 continents. Together with our Indonesian virtual trade delegation, 227 exporting companies participated in our virtual delegations. 664 buyer companies completed our delegations; More than 1,600 bilateral job interviews were held. Our exports of Defense and Aerospace Industries to Indonesia increased 70-fold to $27.1 million in the first ten months of this year compared to the same period last year” he said.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), the only umbrella organization in Türkiye with 61 exporters' associations, 27 sectors, and 95,000 exporters, continues its Virtual Trade Delegation Programs. Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, Jakarta Ambassador Mahmut Erol Kılıç and TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle opened the Virtual Trade Delegation program, which will be held in Indonesia between November 16-30 with TİM organization in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce. Many products are introduced to Indonesian exporters in the program.

Stating that since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, 12 different countries from 5 continents have organized a virtual trade delegation program, İsmail Gülle said, “Our virtual trade delegations have seen a trust above our expectations. Together with our Indonesian virtual trade delegation, which we opened today, 227 exporting companies participated in our virtual delegations. While 664 receiving companies are in our delegations; more than 1,600 bilateral job interviews were held” he said. Thanking the Ministry of Commerce for their support for organizing virtual trade delegations, Gülle said that Virtual Trade Delegations from Mexico to Colombia, Kazakhstan to Chile will continue in the coming period with different countries and regions.

“Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement should be signed”

İsmail Gülle gave the following information, “Indonesia is the 1st largest economy in Southeast Asia and the 16th largest economy in the world, with a population of 267 million and GDP of 1.1 trillion. By 2030, it is expected to be among the top 10 largest in the world. Indonesia's dynamic population, growing middle-income class, and strong economic potential are an appropriate backdrop for further development of, our trade relations. In 2019, our country exports $277 million to Indonesia; It imports $1.22 billion from Indonesia. In 2019, our country's exports to Indonesia, Chemical Substances with 53 million dollars, Tobacco with 33 million dollars, Textile and Machinery sectors with 28 million dollars came to the fore. The main products we export to Indonesia are tobacco products, wheat flour, boron minerals, carpet-rugs, marble, some machines; Among the basic products we import from Indonesia, synthetic yarn, synthetic woven fabric, natural rubber, palm oil, paper and paper pulp, shoes stand out. However, our trade relations with Indonesia, where our historical and cultural ties are so deep, are far from the level they deserve. We are confidently moving forward with the goal of 10 billion dollars in 2023 trade between the two countries, which was put forward in negotiations for the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, which is a Free Trade Agreement. We believe that after bilateral talks within the scope of the delegation, much new cooperation will be established and our exports to the region will reach the levels it deserves in line with the trade volume target of $10 billion.”

“Our exports to Indonesia for Defence and Aerospace Industries have increased 70-fold”

Saying that “In the first ten months of this year, our exports to Indonesia amounted to $183 million” Gülle continued, “In the first ten months of 2019, our exports of Defense and Aerospace Industries, which were at $377,000, increased to $27.1 million in the same period in 2020. That means 70 times the increase. On the other hand, in the same period, our steel exports to Indonesia increased by 101 percent, and our iron and non-ferrous metal exports increased by 30 percent. In light of the strength of our diplomatic ties, the harmonious potential of its economic structures, and its historical and cultural ties, I wish that Türkiye and Indonesia, by way of our Virtual Trade Delegation, will first reach a trading volume of $10 billion and then greater goals together. I hope that the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, which is ongoing negotiations, will be signed as soon as then.”

“They have a great interest in Türkiye”

Turkish Ambassador to Jakarta Mahmut Erol Kılıç said, “Our ties with Indonesia are very deep-rooted. They show kind regard to us. In Northern parts of the country, this endearment is on the rise. The public's view of Türkiye and the love of Turks also gives us important motivation in both education and tourism. Here, our biggest investor has a factory. There are about 1,000 workers in this factory. In tourism, Indonesians are particularly curious about Cappadocia and are thinking of coming to Türkiye preferably during the winter months because they do not see it in their snow lives.”