TİM Chairman Gülle: “Our Country is Growing With Our Face Flux Export in The World Arena”

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), held its 26th Annual General Assembly and award ceremony of export champions in 2018 was held. President Erdogan and many ministers, TİM council members, union presidents and representatives of non-governmental organizations attended the Annual General Assembly. The top 10 export companies were awarded.

President Erdoğan said in the General Assembly: “We are very close to the goal of current account surplus. We trust you and you trust us as well. We have implemented huge reforms in every field to support our exporters. In order to support our exporters in the last year, we have allocated 2 billion TL and will allocate 3.1 billion TL this year. We increased the capital of Turkish Eximbank from 3 billion TL to 10 billion TL. Last year, we provided $ 44.2 billion in financial support to the sector.”

TIM Chairman Gülle: "New Vision of Export : Türkiye in Knowledge Competition "

Also, Chairman Gülle stated that “From now on, our vision is 'Türkiye in Knowledge Competition'. Knowledge Competition does not mean abandoning production, but rather restructuring to achieve higher value-added production and, on the other hand, Knowledge Competition means that Türkiye will eventually experience the current account surplus. While conveying our thanks once again for the support that our state has given for production, investment and employment so far, as emphasized in every speech of Mr. President, digital and technological transformation also needs new generation state supports. Also, Chairman Gülle said: “Our sectors should start to work as soon as possible for their technological renewals, digital infrastructures and new structures that will enable them to make quick and effective decisions in line with our 'New Export Master Plan'.”