TİM Chairman Gülle: March Export Is Also Going Well

In his speech at the “Meetings with Business” meeting, İsmail Gülle, Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), stated that in January and February of this year, they signed the highest periodic exports in the history of the Republic, and he emphasized that the march figures continued to be good. Noting the importance of value-added exports in his speech, Gülle said, “In particular, jewelry with $514 per kilogram, Defense and Aerospace Industry with $47, Apparel and Ready-To-Wear with $13, and leather sectors with $9 contributed greatly to our value-added exports. When we look at our sectors other than our Cement and Mining sectors, our exports per kilogram increased to $1.75 in 2020.”

İsmail Gülle, Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly, which is the only umbrella organization of 100 thousand exporters with 61 exporters' associations and 27 sectors, was a guest of the 43rd 'Meetings with Business' meeting, which supports the commercial development organized by the Turkish Business Bank since 2008 and aims to produce solutions to commercial needs. During the meeting held at the Headquarters Building, whose subject was determined as “Moving Türkiye to the Future in a Reshaped World”, speeches were given on the issue of the economy and commercial life in the new period.

“We have made virtual landings in 53 countries”

After taking office in 2018, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, who gave information about what the Turkish Exporters Assembly is doing and what activities it stands out for, said, “Since taking office, we have been the voice of more than 100,000 export families on every platform. In currency manipulations, global trade wars, and pandemic; we have carried out numerous projects to improve the reliable supplier port position of our country. We have successfully adapted to this period with our international award-winning digital transformation move, which we completed long before the pandemic. By moving all our business to digital platforms; We organized 60 virtual trade delegations and 8 virtual fairs in 53 countries. We will continue to offer our experiences in this field to the service of our export family in the future. Also, we have always kept communication with our exporters' associations at the highest level by holding our Anatolian Assembly meetings online under the name of Regional Consultation Meetings.”

“Our number of exporters was 65 thousand and now we have exceeded 100 thousand”

In this period, Gülle stated that they answered the needs of exporters by the requirements of the age with TİM Mobile Application, Export Radar, and Alo TİM Call Center, and said: “Besides, we have made the First 1000 Exporter Prestige books and award ceremonies a national and international brand. With our annual export reports, we both reveal the current state of our exports and shed light on its future with projections. On the other hand, to encourage our SMEs to export, we have launched the TİM-SME export campaign. We have trained TİM-SME export mobilization to more than 1000 entrepreneurs in 7 different provinces. As a result of this training and all our work, our number of exporters, which was 65 thousand when we took office, has exceeded 100 thousand today.  Our 35,000 companies have joined our family by exporting for the first time and their contributions in the records are quite large. Of course, on the other hand, we continue to inform each of our exporters about current issues, seminars, and panels.”

“Our entrepreneurs, whom we support, added value-added to our country with a total export of 50 million dollars”

“We are proud to support our entrepreneurs in our TİM-TEB venture houses with inovaLİG and İnovaTİM projects. Our total number of applications within the scope of inovaLİG exceeded 5,100. This intense interest is increasing with each passing year” he said and added: “On the other hand, with the TİM-TEB Venture houses project, our entrepreneurs have managed to receive 340 million Lira of investment. Their contributions to employment are close to 7,300 employees. Our entrepreneurs, whom we support, have added value-added to our country with a total export of 50 million dollars. We will continue to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the coming period. We see that Türkiye Innovation Week has become a very important brand. Our young people's interest in innovation is increasing day by day. In this context, we continue our efforts to take Türkiye Innovation Week even further.”

The agreement with THY will generates over $5 billion in additional export revenue

In his speech, Gülle also touched on the issue of logistics and mentioned the agreement they signed with THY for the exporter to carry discounted cargo specifically. Stating that the exports is a team game from purchasing, marketing, and production to logistics, Gülle said, “Exports is the sine qua non of this team. Because of changing needs, improving logistics processes, and reducing costs is a factor that will greatly affect our competitiveness. The air cargo method stood out especially during the pandemic period when trade by road was weakening, and the Turkish Cargo provided important services to our country to ensure that our exports were not disrupted. We also thought about how to further develop air cargo and offer it to our exporters more efficiently. As a result, we have prepared the TİM-THY Air cargo protocol.  Within the scope of the air cargo protocol, we signed with Turkish Airlines, up to 30 percent discounts were applied for the transportation of Turkish export products by air cargo in 28 destinations in 22 countries.  Hopefully, we will generate over $5 billion in additional export revenue under the agreement.”

“In 2019, our female entrepreneurs whom we supported signed $12 million in exports”

Reminding that TİM has recently attracted attention with projects aimed at female entrepreneurs, Gülle said, “Of course, as Turkish Exporters Assembly, by saying “Strong Women, Strong Exports, Strong Türkiye”, we are aware that sustainable development is only possible with our women. With this awareness, we have created the "TİM Women's Council" within our Assembly to increase the number of women exporters and entrepreneurs, to improve women's employment in the business world, and to represent more women in business and non-governmental organizations. In a very short period, our TİM Women's Council has undertaken an important responsibility by signing many important projects from TİM Women Export Talks, physical and virtual trade delegations, Zero Waste in Export Project to TİM Women Sustainability Report. We supported more than 150 female entrepreneurs within TİM-TEB Venture House. Our female entrepreneurs, whom we support, employ more than 1000 people. Another thing we should underline is the sectors where our female entrepreneurs are concentrated. When we look at these sectors, the prominence of the software, biotechnology, and food sectors reveals the entrepreneurial vision of our women. Of course, our female entrepreneurs also make an important contribution to our country's exports. In 2019, our female entrepreneurs, whom we support, signed $12 million worth of export and made to wave our flag around the world. We are proud of all our female exporters.”

“Our March figures continue to be good”

Emphasizing that in his speech despite the currency attacks, trade wars, and pandemic, the Turkish export family has achieved significant success, Gülle said: “During this period, we have succeeded in exceeding all our export targets one by one. In 2018, we started with a record export of $177.1 billion, and in 2019, we managed to break the Republic's historical export record with $180.8 billion.  In 2020, despite the record contraction in world trade and all the negative effects of the pandemic, we managed to exceed our export target of 165.9 billion dollars. We exported $169.6 billion, exceeding this figure. Here we need to underline our export performance, especially in the last quarter of the year. So much so that we exported $51.2 billion in the last quarter. This performance excites us for our $200 billion export target.  We started also in 2021 quite well. In January and February, we achieved the highest periodic performances in the history of the Republic. Also, in March, our figures continue to improve. I believe that by spreading all these achievements throughout the year, we will approach our goal of “Türkiye With a Foreign Trade Surplus” step by step.”

Gülle emphasized that on the importance of value-added exports in his speech, “Last year, our export value per kilogram was $1.02. Due to the recent increase in exchange rates and competition, we have seen a decrease in exports per kilogram. Our goal should be to quickly move that figure above 2 dollars. We can only achieve this through value-added exports, innovation, and branding. With 514 dollars Jewelry per kilogram, Defense and Aerospace Industry with $514, Apparel and Ready-To-Wear with $13, and Leather sector with $9 contribute to our value-added exports. When we look at our sectors other than our Cement and Mining sectors, we see that our exports per kilogram increased to $1.75 in 2020.” he said.