TİM Chairman Gülle: "July 15 Awakening Has Set Records"

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) held a commemoration ceremony on the fourth anniversary of the nation's epic struggle against the July 15th treacherous coup attempt. At the ceremony, 251 pigeons were flown in memory of the 251 heroic martyrs who sacrificed their lives without hesitation while resisting the coup attempt.

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle "Just as this nation did not intend to return even for a moment that night, on the morning of the same day as exporters, we continued our struggle tirelessly. Thanks to God, like our nation's slap to traitors, as the export family we brought records," he said.

Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TİM) held a commemoration ceremony at the Foreign Trade Complex due to July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day. TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, TİM Board Members, Union Presidents, and delegates attended the ceremony with a Turkish flag and badges with photos of the martyrs on their red t-shirts. After The Turkish National Anthem and Respect Ceremony, 251 pigeons were flown in memory of 251 citizens who were martyrs of democracy. Besides, "July 15 Martyrs' Respect Corner" was created in the Foreign Trade Complex with photos of the martyrs. Speaking at the ceremony, TİM Cahirman İsmail Gülle reminded that they planted seedlings in the garden of TİM Headquarters for the martyrs last year and said, “We live the name of our martyrs at TİM. Every member of this nation is a flag, we carry each of our martyrs in our hearts. ”

"Türkiye is no longer Türkiye before July 15th"

Underlining that July 15th is a turning point where the power to maintain the will of the nation is registered, Gülle said: "Türkiye has continued its blessed march to its national goals with its unity and togetherness, which has strengthened its power with many difficulties it has overcome. This nation, which has given hope to all exploited nations with its epics written many times in the past, inspired the oppressed geographies by also facing treacherous enterprise on July 15th. Indeed the attempt of FETÖ (Gülenist Terror Group) could not stop rising Türkiye. Those who think they will intimidate Türkiye from their struggle with cheap and low moves are doomed to be eliminated today as many in the past. Türkiye is no longer Türkiye before July 15th. After this treacherous attempt, our country continued its rapid leaps politically, militarily, and economically. As a result, we have seen many economic successes. Production didn't stop, the wheels kept spinning. As exporters, we will continue to produce and export to give hope to the people of this country."

"The biggest support for our economy came from TİM"

The state and the nation expect exporters to accept and continue to do whatever they expect as a duty and will continue to Gülle, said: "Just as this nation did not intend to return even for a moment that night, on the morning of the same day as exporters, we continued our struggle tirelessly. The trade delegation we held on July 16th was the best answer we gave to traitors. Thankfully, we, as the export family, have brought records to the continuation of the slap that our nation has thrown at traitors. Our country has begun to use its resources in the right areas by getting rid of the structure that prevented its development after the initiative and shackled into his foot. Türkiye is no longer implementing the decisions, a decision-making country.

The biggest support for our economy during the national awakening process came from the Turkish Exporters' Assembly, the roofing organization of 95,000 exporters.”

“Greatest support to the development and employment of the country”

“As exporters, we played the biggest role in the increase in our country's foreign exchange input. In this way, the investment-production-export cycle has strengthened and given the greatest support to the development and employment of the country. As field members of Turkish exports, we have organized trips abroad and lobbied and started to collect the fruits of good relations. Each of our exporters met with customers abroad and gave a message of confidence. After the treacherous coup attempt, our country was able to reduce its dependence on the outside in many areas, especially in the defense industry, with the principle of domestic and national production. With the emphasis on value-added national technologies, especially with domestic defense industry projects, our country has become an exporter country from its net importer position. As TİM, we are living with records of the rightful pride of our efforts with this awareness of awakening. "