TİM Chairman Gülle: Exporters Shown with Records the Continuation of the Nation's Slap to the Traitors

Speaking on the 5th anniversary of the epic struggle of the nation against the 15 July military coup d'état attempt, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, "Just as the people did not think for a moment to return, we continued to fight tirelessly as exporters on the morning of the same day. Exporters had shown with records the continuation of the nation's slap to the traitors. In 2016, our total exports amounted to 149 billion dollars. We completed 2019 before the pandemic with an increase of 21 percent to over $180 billion. Our exports have increased by 33 percent since 2016 despite the pandemic.  This year, hopefully, we will exceed the level of $200 billion."

In the 5th year of the 15 July military coup d'état attempt, İsmail Gülle, chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), evaluated the point of export and announced the sectors that stood out and the countries with the most exports in 5 years. Gülle said that important struggles were fought and adopted for the increase of exports in Türkiye, "With the 2000s, Türkiye, which was in an all-out development move with its exports, production, employment, was repeatedly undermined by terrorism, treason, attacks in all areas in the 2010s. Türkiye's refusal to give up protecting its national assets with the principle of full independence has made our country the target of abominable foes. We have seen that circles that do not respect our country's struggle for independence put financial, economic, commercial, and political obstacles in front of Türkiye. These interventions have emerged as non-tariff barriers in many markets to Turkish exporters who do not cause disruptions in production and supply processes and do not compromise on quality. At a time when wars are commercial, blockades are economic and sanctions are political, Türkiye has managed to continue its path by increasing its exports."


Pointing out that as exports family they had shown with records the continuation of the nation's slap to the traitors, Gülle continued, “Just as the people did not think for a moment to return that night, we continued to fight tirelessly as exporters on the morning of the same day. We firmly believe that the Turkish economy will continue to rise by eliminating the problems caused by the pandemic under the leadership of exports, which is an unbreakable castle. This nation, which has given hope to all exploited nations with its epics written many times in the past, also resisting the treacherous attempt on July 15th and inspired the oppressed geographies. July 15th was a day that should never have happened again for Türkiye. At the end of the day, the Turkish people showed that their will is in favor of democracy. As an export family, we had an anxious night, but in the morning, everyone was at work. Production continued uninterrupted. This understanding is very important, in 2016 our annual exports were 149 billion dollars. We brought our annual exports to 181 billion dollars in 2019. Our goal was to exceed $200 billion.  The pandemic has begun, our exports have fallen to 169 billion dollars but that was important in terms of recovery and little impact."


Stating that according to the table seen both in the first 6 months and in the second half of 2020, he predicts that exports will be 200 billion or more at the end of the year, Gülle said, “The years 2020 and 2021 will be recorded in history. It will be extremely important years for Türkiye's economy and export history. We foresee that the increasing demand abroad will continue. We see that we will exceed the target figure with greater investment and growth at a rate where exports meet more imports. If we export over 200 billion dollars this year, we will be well above the 2023 export target.”


Noting the potential of the country, Gülle said, "Türkiye will have greater potential during this period as the supply chain remains unbroken and the world moves out of its single supply chain production center and into the multi-supply chain. We see that we will move towards larger numbers in exports."


Regarding the sectors that have increased their exports the most on a sectoral basis in the last 5 years, İsmail Gülle said: “Jewelry with an increase of 55 percent, machinery, olive-olive oil and cement, ceramics, and earthen products with an increase of 42 percent, ships, and yachts with an increase of 41 percent, and steel sectors came to the fore with an increase of 39 percent. The steel industry was a sector that had problems before the pandemic. However, after the pandemic, Türkiye is currently producing by using its current capacity to the fullest. There are also additional investments, the sector's exports increased by 100 percent in June. This makes us very happy.”


Noting that Russia is one of the most exported, Gülle said, “In 5 years, our exports to Russia with 151 percent, Ukraine with 57 percent, Israel with 54 percent, Azerbaijan with 50 percent, and the United States with 40 percent increased. America was the fourth most exported country and now it has risen to second place. If the high demand continues, maybe he will rise to first place. Azerbaijan is our sister country, there is a steady increase in exports. The agreements with Ukraine reflected positively on exports. Intensive exports to neighboring countries are the result of the right market strategy. America is a market where we have to be and grow."