TİM Chairman Gülle: 2021 will be our star year in exports

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) held the eleventh meeting of 'TİM Regional Consultation Meetings', launched in the pandemic process to seek solutions to exporter associations' general and regional problems, with İstanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters Association (İMMİB). TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, “The exports of General Secretariat of İMMİB has exceeded 36 billion dollars since the new year. This compares to 29.3 percent of our total exports in the same period. I believe that our exporters within İMMİB, by continuing to be the engine of Turkish exports, will carry our country confidently to 2021 that will be our star year in exports” he said.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), the only umbrella organization in Türkiye with 61 exporters' associations, 27 sectors, and 95,000 exporters, continues to hold 'TİM Regional Consultation Meetings' to listen to and support the problems and demands of exporters in line with the goal of “Türkiye That Gives Foreign Trade Surplus”. TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, Turkish Eximbank General Manager Ali Güney, İMMİB Coordinator President Tahsin Öztiryaki, Members of TİM Management Board, and exporters' associations' presidents attended the meeting held in a virtual environment. 

TİM President İsmail Gülle, who gave the opening speech of the meeting, said, "What is pleasing for us in the pandemic is that exports have recovered in a very short period. This is very gratifying and very admirable for us. Our exporters reached the highest monthly export figure in the history of the Republic with $17.3 billion in October. İstanbul's contribution to these records is huge. In October, with exports of $7 billion, İstanbul alone realized more than 40 percent of our monthly exports. In the past month, exports of our İMMİB Secretariat General reached 4 billion 680 million dollars, an increase of 11.5 percent. More than 29 percent of our monthly exports were realized by our exporters within the İMMİB."

“İMMİB continues to be the pioneer of exports”

Saying that “İstanbul is the locomotive of our country's exports and the members of İMMİB continues to be the pioneer of İstanbul exports” Gülle said, “In January-October, the countries most exported by the İMMİB were the United Kingdom with 3 billion 48 million dollars and Germany with 2 billion 536 million dollars and the United States with 1 billion 698 million dollars. Also, to Italy, Israel, Spain, France, and Romania; Our exports within the İMMİB exceeded $1 billion in the same period. I would like to congratulate our union which has performed a successful export performance to these countries affected pandemic.” Stating that the chemical substances and products, electrical electronics, iron and non-ferrous metals, steel, jewelry, and mining sectors within the İMMİB were extremely successful during the first 10 months of the year despite the pandemic, Gülle said, “Within the İMMİB; during the first 10 months of the year, Chemical Goods and Products reached $9.7 billion, Steel exports reached $6.1 billion, electricity and electronics exports reached $8.9 billion, iron and non-ferrous metal exports reached $6.5 billion, mining products exports reached $2.6 billion, and jewelry products exports reached $2.9 billion. Jewelry exporters, compared to the same month last year in October, increased their exports by 168 percent in dollar-based, this was another development that delighted us. Our steel exports increased by 19.7 percent compared to the same month last year, mining products exports increased by 4.3 percent and electricity and electronics exports increased by 4.4 percent. With the inclusion of our jewelry sector, our İMMİB General Secretariat has hosted 5 of the top 10 exporting sectors in October 2020. Exports of our Secretariat General have exceeded $36 billion since New Year's Day. This figure compares to 29.3 percent of our total exports in the same period. I would like to congratulate all our exporters for their efforts and struggles in reaching the proud figures. Also, I believe that in the last two months of 2020, our exporters within the General Secretariat of the İMMİB will continue to be the locomotive of Turkish exports and will carry our country confidently to 2021 which will be our star year in exports.”

“We exported $301 million in 12 days”

Pointing out that they are a very rich and very diverse union that exported $8.2 billion last year, İMMİB Coordinator President Tahsin Öztiryaki, “We hope that this year we will do the export figure we made the last term, and we think we will exceed some amount. Since the latest 1-12 November figures will cover the coming days, we exported $301 million in 12 days, an increase of 17 percent. Hopefully, this increase will reflect the next month and the other time-period of the month. We aim to do 9 billion dollars exports with together all unions" he said.

"We have increased credit support for exporters"

General Manager of Turkish Eximbank, Ali Güney said: “We have increased our support for exports by 5 percent in the first 10 months of 2020 compared to the same period last year. We have provided approximately $37.9 billion in support. Of this, $24.5 billion was credited and $13.5 billion was insured. In October, we broke the record in the history of the Republic in exports, and hopefully, we will continue to break the record together.”