The First Guest of “TİM Export Talks” Was the Ambassador of the Beijing

Opportunities are ready for strong cooperation with China

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) has started to organize online panels called 'TİM Export Talks' for drawing the direction of the trade on COVID-19 pandemic process and future. Turkish Exporters Assembly, which was starting its first panel with Turkey's Beijing Ambassador Abdulkadir Emin Önen, will share reports of panels with exporters. Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) Chairman İsmail Gülle told, “We started the first meeting with the Chinese market, which has an indispensable weight in the world economy. China is the country with the largest share in global trade at 12.4 percent and ranks second in the world's national income. After the online panels, we will present our China report, which will include important issues to use of 95 thousand exporters. Our exporters saw many crises and managed them very successfully. I hope that we will be successful in managing the pandemic crisis that we have experienced for the first time in the best way. In addition, Beijing Ambassador Abdulkadir Emin Önen stated that life in China has begun to return to normal and said, "We have strong contacts with everyone in China. There are a lot of opportunities for exporters."

Turkish Exporters Assembly, the only umbrella organization of 95,000 exporters in Turkey with 61 exporters from 27 different sectors, is preparing action plans and headlines to compensate for the loss of exports caused by the narrowing of international trade during the pandemic.

Turkish Exporters Assembly TİM, which is aiming to take a strong place in the new world order after the pandemic process, has begun the online panel series for evaluating trade and drawing the direction of trade during the COVID-19 process. In this context, TİM firstly welcomes ambassadors in online panel series called “TİM Export Talks”.

The first-panel on the about “What kind of opportunities are there for exporters in China after COVID-19?” was held with the participation of TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle and Beijing Ambassador Abdulkadir Emin Önen. The online panel was broadcast as live from TİM's social media accounts. At the panel, the measures are taken in China during the COVID-19 process, the state of the Chinese economy after the pandemic, developments in the foreign trade of the two countries and opportunities for the upcoming period were evaluated.

Turkey's exports started well this year but declined in March due to impact of COVID-19 pandemic, TİM President İsmail Gülle said, “We do not live in normal times. This is the first time we have experienced such a process and we are trying to manage it. We thank our President for announcing a package for us will be less affected. We are trying to implement whole measures. Our exporters saw many crises and managed them very successfully. I hope that we will be successful in managing the pandemic crisis that we experienced for the first time in the best way. We believe that this process will pass. There are expectations that everything will change after this process in the world. We believe in that. This process affected on both of Turkey and China. We need to establish the necessary infrastructure to improve the trade between the two countries. We must do virtual B2Bs. As Turkish Exporters Assembly, we will continue to do our best as we have done so far. After this process, we will go to the field and try to increase our exports.”

We will present our China Report to our 95 thousand exporters

Saying that, they added a new project to the digitalization of TİM with the 'TİM Export Talks' in the last 1.5 years, TİM Chairman Gülle said, “We started the first meeting with the Chinese market, which has an indispensable weight in the world economy. The fact that China had the biggest share in global trade with 12.4 percent and ranked 2nd in the world national income had required us to start with this country. In addition, we prepared a special 'China Report' for the 'TİM Export Talks', the first of which we have realized today. By adding important issues and important tips that will come out of our online meeting, we will immediately present our China Report to the use of our 95 thousand exporters. Our 'Economic Research Branch', that we restructured, has been preparing reports that will meet the targets of our exporters and shed light on export moves towards existing and new markets with new generation market research reports, new approaches analyzing global trade. You can access all of these reports on our TİM mobile application and on our TİM website. ”

We should see that China is the main market, not an alternative market

It is too early to talk about China's success against the COVID-19, Beijing Ambassador Abdulkadir Emin Önen said, “The healing process is continuing in China. Fortunately, there have been few cases in the past 1-2 weeks. Currently, a second outbreak from China is feared to begin. For this reason, entry and exit from abroad were restricted. However, the measures are gradually being reduced. Life is getting back to normal a little. In some sectors such as agriculture and retail, work is being done again. The wheels will start spinning. We have strong contacts with every segment in China. Many opportunities are ready for our exporters.”

Turkey's Beijing Ambassador Abdulkadir Önen, about the opportunities in China and Turkey for the latest situation in the Chinese economy has given the following information: “By the end of 2019 the size of the world economy 86.7 trillion dollars, and the size of the Chinese economy of 14.2 trillion dollars. Its share in the world economy is 16.3 percent. It has $ 2.6 trillion of exports and $ 2.2 trillion of imports. It is the first export country of 56 countries and the first import source of 64 countries. China contracted 6.8 percent in the first quarter. Exports contracted by 13.3 percent and foreign trade volume by 8.4 percent. In the first 2 months, the loss in the service sector from China was over $ 300 billion. The automotive industry contracted by 80 percent during this period in the country. Sectors such as textiles, computers and electronics are the most sensitive sectors in China. The world is very integrated with China. The shrinkage in the Chinese economy will trigger many things in the world economy. We are going through a difficult process. However, this crisis will end anyway. When it is finished, we all have to be much more prepared. An import fair was held in China in 2018. Turkey took place with 35 companies in 700 square meters. In 2019, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle made landing in China. Compared to the previous year, more than double businesspersons came, more than double the square meter. If we want to sell something and explore China, we have to do similar things. We do our best to establish the necessary infrastructure for virtual B2Bs. If we want to seize an opportunity here, we should not see China as an alternative market. If we see it this way, this cannot be the main market. First, big companies have their job. There is a middle class with a population of 400 million. The annual income of this segment is over 25 thousand dollars. We can be in China with many of our brands. We should increase our exports to China. We must ensure that Chinese investors to invest more in Turkey. For this reason, we need to do very good competitor and industry analysis. Investors in Turkey should not look to China as a country, should look at the continent. In China, every state has a different feature. We are ready to provide all kinds of support.”

E-Delegate launch begins with South Korea

Reminding that they organized the first trade delegation of 2020 in Doha, the capital of Qatar, between 29 February and 4 March with the participation of 34 exporters from 28 companies, TİM President İsmail Gülle said, “This year, we plan to carry out 202 delegations as TİM and Exporters Unions in line with our goals. Regardless of the obstacles caused by the global virus pandemic, we closely follow the procurement problems and import problems in all countries around the world under the coordination of TİM. In a hinterland that starts from Africa and the Middle East and extends from Central Asia to the Far East, we are rapidly transforming it into virtual trade delegations, which we will perform in series, in close contact with our trade advisers. Our Ministry has determined priority markets among 45 targets for the 2020-2021 periods. We did exchange views with Commercial Counselors of the 28 countries, which the maximum 3-hour time difference, with Turkey. In order to start virtual commerce delegations as soon as possible, we have received returns from 18 countries. We expect returns from 10 countries. We have determined that a virtual trade delegation can be organized by taking rapid action in South Korea, Czech, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, and India. We will realize the first virtual trade delegation with South Korea in a short time. According to the opinions we receive from our commercial advisors, we are rapidly determining the sectors that may be potential for each country besides food and non-food consumer goods.”