The First Guest of TİM Climate Talks was the President of the EU Delegation to Türkiye


Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), which produces projects that will carry Türkiye safely into the future, takes another important step with its "Climate Talks" series. Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, head of the EU Delegation to Türkiye, participated in the first program, which will contribute greatly to the increase of climate awareness.

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, “We will make Türkiye a brand country in the field of sustainability by carrying out 12 targets in the Sustainability Action Plan that we have prepared with the motto "Producing for the World Without Consuming the World". Thus, we will make an important step in the process of joining the EU. We have completed our necessary efforts to join the European Climate Network. Hopefully, we expect positive results for this application. As the most important output of the main objectives in our action plan, we will ensure that Sectoral Digital Product Passport Applications are disseminated with IoT and Blockchain technology." he said.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), the only umbrella organization of 100,000 exporters with 61 exporter associations and 27 sectors, continues its work at full speed to achieve its export target and hand down a better Türkiye for future generations. In this context, TİM also started the "Climate Talks" series within the framework of the Sustainability Action Plan prepared with the slogan "To produce for the world without consuming the world". Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, Head of the EU Delegation to Türkiye, İsmail Gülle, Chairman of TİM, and Professor of WTO Chair at İstanbul Bilgi University, Dr. Pınar Artıran, participated in the first program.

In the program, Dr. Artıran gave a presentation titled "EU Green Agreement and Global Green New Order: Opportunities and Challenges for Trade and Competitiveness".

"To produce for the world without consuming the world"

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle emphasized the importance of the "TİM Sustainability Action Plan" prepared with the motto "To produce for the world without consuming the world". Stating that the "Climate Talks" event they will continue throughout the year will bring great benefits, Gülle said, "Today we are carrying out the first of the TİM Climate Talks program series by signing a first. Our Parliament; Within the scope of climate change, sustainability, and compliance policies with the European Green Agreement objectives published by the European Commission, it has engaged in intensive work to guide our exporters. In this context, we have carried out various studies on raising awareness on the subject. On June 21st, we shared the 'TİM Sustainability Action Plan' with the public. We are very excited that our action plan has received intense attention on a national and international scale."

Gülle continued: "Within the framework of TİM Sustainability Action Plan we have set 12 main targets under the main headings in “Sustainability Science Board in TİM Industry", "Zero Waste Mobilization in Exports", "Digital Mentoring and Training Programs", "Corporate Carbon Footprint Studies", "Circularity in Industry", "Advanced Recovery, Advanced Treatment Technologies", "Sustainable Supply Chain Management", "Standardization Practices", "Certification Applications", "Renewable Energy Sources", "Sustainable Economic Growth and Employment", "Digital Product Passport", and "Traceability". Our primary goal is to create sectoral action plans. At the beginning of the week, we announced the first of the sustainability action plans for our textile industry. This move will encourage all our exporting sectors. Our sectoral roadmaps will be completed as soon as possible.”

Sustainability Science Board in TİM Industry is coming

Noting that work is continuing on the Sustainability Science Board in TİM Industry, one of the important objectives of the action plan, Gülle said, "We will announce the board members to the public soon. We will be very pleased to see an expert name that our ambassador will consider appropriate for the delegation in our Scientific Council. Our science board will guide our sectors in determining and implementing sustainable policies in the industry; will assume a critical responsibility in the green transformation process. In addition, we are creating a Green Line within ALO TİM that answers the 24/7 questions of our exporters. Our TİM and Union experts will answer the questions of exporters related to the European Green Agreement and sustainability based on sectors."

We will carry the "Zero Waste Project" to every sector in our exports"

Stating that they plan to carry the "Zero Waste Project" to every sector in export, Gülle said, "We aim to inform our exporters one-on-one by organizing digital mentoring and special education programs within TİM Ecological Export Academy. We also applied to the European Social Innovation Competition organized with the theme of 'Skills for Tomorrow - Shaping a Green and Digital Future' with our digital mentoring project, which will be the first in the field in our country. We hope for a positive result for Türkiye. In addition, we will facilitate the work of our exporter sectors under current international standards and access to financing. We will follow the regulations regarding the certification of decarbonization. Focusing on renewable energy sources, we will accelerate the efforts to use hydrogen instead of carbon-intensive sources. We will contribute to our exporters to benefit more from the EU funds focused on the Circular Economy Action Plan and the European Green Agreement.”

"We have completed the work for membership in the European Climate Network"

Reminding that they have completed the necessary work for membership in the European Climate Network and are waiting for positive results for this application, Gülle said, "We have submitted the IPA 3 Sustainable Industry Transformation Support of Key Sectors Project to our European Commission. This project was one of the 4 national projects selected from Türkiye. Hopefully, when we qualify for the funding, we will turn the project into a sustainable program. COSME Program 'In European Light Industry innovation and Technology' will accelerate the digital, technological, and green transformation steps of our exporters. As the most important output of the main objectives in the TİM Sustainability Action Plan, we will ensure being extended 'Sectoral Digital Product Passport Applications' with IoT and Blockchain technology. We will support digital transformation in the industry by strengthening international financing sources. With all these efforts, we are also working hard to raise the awareness of our exporters about Horizon Europe programs. Under the cooperation with the EU Presidency and TÜBİTAK, more than 35 project experts, selected from TİM and 13 Exporters' Associations, have completed their project preparation training in the 3-day Horizon Program. Thus, we will encourage the participation of more exporters in the Horizon Europe program, the highest budgeted R&D and innovation program that the EU has allocated $95.5 billion for."

Gülle said that they are closely monitoring the standards and developments to be set by the EU within the scope of the mechanism for carbon regulation at the border and said, “The European Commission's targets for 2030 and 2050 at the Green Agreement point are very clear. With the new Climate Law, we do pursue the European Union's targets on raising emission to 55 percent by 2030 and 'becoming a carbon-neutral continent'. Raising the EU's emission reduction target to 55 percent by 2030 with the new Climate Law; In 2050, we are pursuing the goal of 'becoming a carbon-neutral continent'. On the other hand, the EU's Industrial, Field-to-Table, Biodiversity, Hydrogen, and Energy System Integration, Renewal Wave, Textile, and Chemicals strategies are also on our radar. In light of these goals, we inform all stakeholders of our export family and invite them to take the necessary responsibilities.”

"We will become the number one choice of everyone who values the environment"

By carrying out the 12 objectives in the action plan, we will make Türkiye a brand country in the field of sustainability. Thus, we will make an important step in the process of joining the EU. The greatest legacy we will leave to our children, to our future generations, is a clean world, a clean atmosphere. As TİM and export family, we are excited about the mobilization we have launched on behalf of a sustainable world that we have entrusted from the past and will inherit into the future. As a country that adds durability to design, beauty, and flavor, focuses on green growth, produces for the world without consuming the world; We will both rise with exports with a sustainable development model and become the number one choice of everyone who values the environment.

Ambassador Meyer-Landrut: TİM has created a strong transformation agenda

Noting the importance of the European Green Agreement in his speech, ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, head of the EU Delegation to Türkiye, emphasized that Turkish businesspeople in the carbon sector have created a strong transformation agenda like TİM. Stating that climate actions are important for all countries all over the world in relations with the international and global market, Meyer-Landrut said, “European Green Agreement aims to make an impact. We want to be the first decarbonized continent in 2050. That is a very ambitious goal. The Council of the EU adopted the EU Climate Code on 20 July, following the EU Green Agreement. Now it is a legal obligation for member states to meet the targets. All member states must adapt their relevant legislation and laws by achieving the EU's long-term goals and complying with climate neutralization efforts there. We aim to reduce carbon gas emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030. Climate policy needs to be adapted; we cannot avoid this process. The Turkish government is also currently making some measures. They support green transformation in the industry. During a visit to Ankara last April by Charles Michel, president of the Council of the European Union, the EU opened a new public and private opening for Türkiye. This focused on green and transformation. In addition to the modernization of the Customs Union, a high level of dialogue was proposed here to fight climate change and we started to work with our Turkish partners on this dialogue. These issues will be part of our economic relations and will also contribute to better integration of our economy. The Green Transformation process should be considered as an opportunity for the integration process. Those who produce green products will be market leaders in the future. We trust Turkish businesspeople in this regard, just like TİM, they have created a strong transformation agenda here."

"Türkiye and the EU are important economic partners"

Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, head of the EU Delegation to Türkiye, who stated that Turkish export companies have successfully joined the global value chain, continued: Türkiye and the European Union are important economic partners. Türkiye is the 6th largest trading partner of the European Unions, and the EU is Türkiye's largest trading partner. Trade between the two countries has increased 4.4 times in the last 24 years with the Customs Union. Türkiye is an important part of the EU's value chain, especially in the automotive, textile, and machinery sectors. Some of these value chains were founded by multinational corporations. Last year, Türkiye's exports of goods to the EU amounted to $62 billion despite the pandemic. Overall annual trade also exceeded $120 billion twice in a row.