The 2nd Guest of “TİM Export Talks” Was the Ambassador of The Republic of Türkiye to the Netherlands

There are great opportunities for Turkish exporters in the Netherlands

The second online panel of "TİM Export Talks" series, at which Turkish ambassadors are hosted within the scope of COVID-19 action plans, was held with the participation of İsmail Gülle, Chairman of TİM, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Türkiye to the Netherlands, Şaban Dişli. The panel titled “What Kind of Opportunities Are There for Exporters in the Netherlands After COVID-19?” was broadcasted live on TİM's social media accounts. At the panel, the measures taken in the Netherlands during the COVID-19 process, the post-epidemic situation of the Dutch economy, developments in the foreign trade of the two countries and opportunities for the upcoming period were evaluated.

The goal is to increase the share in the first 50 products

TİM Chairman, İsmail Gülle, expressed that commercial and diplomatic relations with the Netherlands began long before most of the European countries, and said: “This country is an important trade partner for Türkiye. To increase our market share in the Netherlands, we need to gain space in the first 50 items of the Netherlands' import. This figure was 0.4% for 2019. Our automotive, apparel and chemical materials sectors stand out in our exports to the Netherlands. In 2019, the exports of these three sectors made up 62% of our total exports to the Netherlands”.

And the Ambassador of The Republic of Türkiye to the Netherlands, Şaban Dişli, said: “The Netherlands will be first country in the Europe getting over this process. I hope we will reach the previous levels in bilateral trade at the end of May or early June”.

E-commerce portal is being opened

TİM Chairman Mr. Gülle said that Türkiye will have the chance to be at the center of a new order after the COVID-19 pandemic, and continued: “We have almost finalised our projects on improving virtual and e-commerce. Next week, we will launch the trade portal which covers all our sectors. The normalization process will begin as of June. The first criterion in exports has been the price so far. From now on, we believe that countries that produce healthy products, are reliable, keep their promises and fulfill their responsibilities in the supply chain will be preferred more in exports. I would like to thank our Ambassador on behalf of our 95 thousand exporters for the precious work he has done for our exports and exporters, even in such a challenging process. Turkey will strengthen its position as a 'Reliable Supplier Port', and will continue to run for more success chasing new records in exports and in the light of economic targets for 2023.

Normalization in bilateral trade will be at the end of May at the earliest

​The Ambassador, Mr. Dişli also said: “the Netherlands faced this crisis when Dutch economy was at its best condition. The Netherlands is more of a trading country, rather than being a country of production. It's a country that buys and sells goods from other countries. In this sense, there will be a slowdown. For this reason, both the Netherlands and the European Central Bank announced great supports. But like us, the Netherlands is keeping up with the changes very quickly. Our exports to the Netherlands increased by 2.5% despite all the negative conditions. Our imports decreased by 1.2%. We have foreign trade surplus in the Netherlands. We will bring our exports to the previous level rapidly with the impact of the sectors such as food, textile, automotive, chemicals and software, which Türkiye has advantage. The perception of Turkish products here is strong. There are great opportunities for exporters in products such as digital economy, toys sector and pool, kitchen equipment, office and building materials in the Netherlands”.