Step to Increase Branded Exports From TİM: TİM Brand Council


Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) established TİM Brand Council to evaluate global opportunities in the pandemic and to increase branded exports and added value in exports. Sharing the roadmap and main objectives of the Council, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, " The Republic of Türkiye is a strong brand. We are implementing TİM Brand Council to further rise this strong brand together and for increasing our branded exports while competing with the whole world. Under the umbrella of the Council, we will strengthen our brands in the international arena. As a result, we will hopefully increase our export unit value to over $2 by 2030. Thanks to the council, the number of brands competing with the world will increase."

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), the only umbrella organization of 100 thousand exporters with 61 exporter associations and 27 sectors, attaches great importance to the efforts to ensure the export increase of high value-added, branded products and services. In this context, TİM; In the new period, where branding determines the dynamics of competition, TİM established the Brand Council to make progress in global indices by creating a roadmap to encourage branded export increases of companies and contribute to the country's image. TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle shared the roadmap and main objectives of the special formation they established with a meeting attended by Türkiye's leading brand founders who created added value in exports.

"We will raise the Brand of Türkiye even more"

Noting that branding stands out even though many factors determine the direction of international trade, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, "If you are a brand, you can overcome any crisis, no matter how fragile your industry may seem. If you are a brand, the recovery will still start with you, even if consumption contracted at a record low level. We are in very lucky geography in this sense. It is in this nation's tradition and destiny to be different, to be a brand. Brand means labor, capital, and patience. Brand means seeing the customer as a family. The brand does not mean sacrificing quality. Brand means to learn from mistakes. To be a brand is sometimes to hear the demand, sometimes to lead and guide the demand. The Republic of Türkiye is a big brand, which was established with the sweat of our ancestors and put forward with a great vision. Here we are implementing TİM Brand Council to raise this strong brand even more together, and for increasing our branded exports while competing with the whole world. Thanks to the Council, the number of brands competing with the world will increase.”

"We will take the leadership of the Turkish Task Force"

Stating that Türkiye has come a long way in terms of exports, Gülle said, "Despite the difficulties brought by the pandemic conditions, we carry our exports to the highest points with the records we break every month. This year we aim for over 200 billion dollars in exports. One of the ways to aim higher in exports is through branding. In this regard, the producers and exporters of our country have done very good work and continue to do so. These initiatives are reflected in the figures. Brand Finance, the world's leading brand review agency, has been publishing the ratio of "Top 5,000 Global Brand Values" to national income in a report every year since 2007. The result of this report was one of the 80 sub-indicators of the Global Innovation Index for the first time in the past year. According to the 2020 results of the index; Türkiye rose from 49th to 44th place in the global brand value indicator. As long as our companies pay attention to the brand and invest, we will climb much higher in global indices. In this direction, as taking the leadership of the Global Innovation Index Türkiye Task Force we will work to move Türkiye to higher on brand rankings."

“Turquality companies make exports to an average of 78 countries"

Providing information about Turquality program, the World's first and only state-sponsored branding program, Gülle said, "Within the scope of the program there are 178 companies that is exporters of goods and 22 companies from the service sectors. Within the scope of the brand support program, our 124 companies, which are exporters of goods, and 28 companies from service sectors. These companies have a unit export value above both the Average in Türkiye and the average of the top 1000 companies. The export values of these companies per kilogram; are $1,000 in the jewelry industry, $254 in the Defense and Aerospace sector, $33 in the Ship and Yacht industry, and $31 in the Ornamental Plants and Products sector. Again, our companies within the scope of Turquality are more successful in terms of market diversification. We see that Turquality companies export to an average of 78 countries."

Council roadmap and 5 objectives

Stating the 2021 roadmap and main objectives of TİM Brand Council, Gülle said: “Our first goal is to improve the image of branded Turkish products internationally. At this point, improving the quality of products and services, promotion and marketing activities, global PR, advertising, and corporate identity activities with the Turkish brand are included in our agenda. Our second main goal is ensuring that our companies to gain direct access to the foreign market by purchasing foreign companies and brands that are known or have development potential. In line with this goal, we plan to establish support mechanisms for providing information, consultancy, and technical support to our exporters. Our third main goal is to create an information infrastructure for monitoring the exports of companies with their brands. Unfortunately, there is no database of branded exports in our country. As TİM Brand Council, we want to create this database and contribute to both field and academic studies. Our fourth main goal is to promote branded Turkish products more effectively on digital platforms. In this context, we aim to increase the awareness of our companies through e-commerce marketplaces where the world's leading buyers and sellers come together. Our fifth and final main goal is to strengthen the promotional activities for the Turkish brand and export sectors within our Türkiye Promotion Group with the work of our TİM Brand Council.”

"We will turn our foreign students into volunteer brand ambassadors"

Stating that they aim to turn more than 200 thousand international students and more than 150 thousand Turkish graduates studying in Türkiye into volunteer brand ambassadors, Gülle said, “We aim to achieve these 5 main goals; To increase branding activities for target markets, to create competitive national brands by reducing dependency on international brand, and to carry out TİM Brand Conversations. Furthermore, we aim to make the international branding activities in the 'First Step Mentoring for Exports in 81 Provinces' program, which we started this year with our Ministry of Commerce, beneficial for more SMEs.”

"We will increase our export unit value to more than 2 dollars"

Emphasizing that as Turkish Exporters Assembly, they value every idea and every point of view about branding issue, Gülle, "We believe that even the smallest company can become a strong brand from local to general. Let us not forget that a person makes a product, a product builds a company, a firm creates a sector, and a sector makes a brand whole country. Therefore, under the umbrella of TİM Brand Council, we will strengthen our brands in the international arena. We will increase our branded exports by closely following global opportunities. As a result, we will hopefully increase our export unit value to over $2 by 2030. I wish that our TİM Brand Council, which we have implemented to increase branded exports and added value in exports, shall good luck.” he said.