September Record Is Broken In The History of The Republic In Export

Turkish Exporters Assembly released its September export figures. Türkiye's exports reached 16 billion 13 million dollars in September 2020, the highest September export figure in the history of the Republic. At the same time, the highest export figure was reached for 2020 on monthly basis. While exporting to 207 countries, exports increased to 119 countries. One thousand 676 companies were exported for the first time.

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, “In September, we achieved the highest September figure in Turkish exports in history with an extraordinary performance. As Turkish Exporters Assembly, we are walking confidently with the support of our Government and the sweat of our exporters to our goal of "Turkey Giving Foreign Trade Surplus", which we have always stated.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), with the participation of Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, announced the temporary foreign trade data for September with a meeting held in İstanbul. Türkiye's exports rose 4.8 percent to $16 billion 13 million dollars compared to the same month a year earlier.

Stated that the Turkish exporter once again showed the world how successful it was even in extraordinary circumstances, İsmail Gülle said, “We are walking confidently with the support of our Government and the sweat of our exporters to our goal of "Turkey Giving Foreign Trade Surplus”. İsmail Gülle gave the following information about September export figures, "In September, our exports were 28.5 percent compared to August and 16 Billion 13 Million dollars, an increase of 4.8 percent compared to the same month of the year. In this way, we broke the September record of 15 billion 220 million dollars, which we carried out last year, and together we set a new Republican historical record. With the New Economy Program, we will reach our 2020 export target of 165.9 billion dollars. Recently, we were already getting signals about this success. Our export figures in the last three months, which came with normalization, showed that we are rapidly adapting to the needs of the new era. In the 2021-2023 New Economy Program, the goal of "Economic transformation and change based on exports and domestic production of imported products" emphasizes the importance given to exports. Furthermore, the expression that much more will be concentrated on "exports, value-added production, and employment" to achieve its growth targets will add strength to us to meet our export targets. As actors of the export-based economic growth model, we, too, will perform procurement and market editing accordingly for our country to meet its 2023 targets.

Thousand 676 companies said "Hello to Exports"

İsmail Gülle expressed that thousand 676 companies saying "hello to exports" in September. İsmail Gülle, “Since New Year's Eve, we have also set a record for participation in the export family monthly basis. This thousand 676 companies that have just started exporting exported 80 million 174 thousand dollars in September. Looking at the company privately, a total of 41 thousand 386 companies exported in September” he said.

Our exporters waved our flag in 207 countries

İsmail Gülle stated that our exporters managed to fly the flag of our country in 207 countries in September. The top three countries with the most exports in September were Germany with 1 billion 516 million dollars, The United Kingdom with $1 billion and the United States with $947 million. In the first 9 months of the year; The share of the top 10 countries in exports was 48.6 percent; In the top 20 countries, the rate was 66.1 percent. In the first nine months of the year; The top five countries with the most exports were Germany with $11.28 billion, the United Kingdom with $7.55 billion, the United States with $7.24 billion, Iraq with $6.24 billion, and Italy with $5.53 billion. In September, when we look at exports according to the country's groups, we see that the share of our exports in the European Union, our largest market, increased to 42.3 percent in September with a volume of $6.77 billion. When we collected other European countries outside the EU, the European Continents share of our exports was 56.5 percent. Looking at other groups of countries, in September, Near and Middle Eastern countries fell 4.7 percent to $2.8 billion; $1.36 billion, an increase of 3.7 percent to the entire African continent; We exported $1.23 billion to Far Eastern countries with an increase of 6.8 percent".

Value-added product exports increase

İsmail Gülle stated that exports increased in many products with a high export value per kilogram in September, "Total exports of our high value-added products with an export value of over $10 per kilogram increased in September. In September 2019, our exports of 3 billion 646 million dollars increased by 12 percent to 4 billion 92 million dollars in the same month of this year. Exports per kilogram exceeding $50 in the highest value-added products in September, our exports reached 656 million dollars" he said.

The Automotive takes back the lead

In September, 20 sectors increased their exports compared to the same month a year earlier. The Carpet and Fresh Fruit and Vegetable sectors exported the highest September in their history. The Automotive sector, which exports 2 billion 605 million dollars, has taken back the leadership. The Ready-to-Wear Garment sector, which reached $ 1 billion 798 million, was the second, and the Chemical Materials sector, which reached $ 1 billion 633 million, came third. While there was an increase of 13.1 million dollars in the automotive sector compared to the same month of the previous year, there was an increase of 298 million dollars in the Ready-to-Wear Garment.

Ship and Yacht Sector exports increased by 331 percent

Sectors with the strongest performance in September; Ship and Yacht up 331.5 percent to $160 million; Defense and Aerospace up 80 percent to $282 million; The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable sectors reached $197 million, up 34 percent. When looking at the number of countries in which the sectors exported, in September, the chemical substances sector was first with exports to 206 countries and regions, Iron and Non-Ferrous Metals with exports to 196 countries and regions were second and the Steel sector exporting to 193 countries and regions was third. Ship and Yacht sector; While it did not export to Poland in September 2019, it exported $28.9 million in the same period this year, exports to Malta increased 52-times, and exports to the UK increased 50-year. Our Defense and Aerospace Industries Sector; Exports to Azerbaijan increased by $76.7 million, exports to Oman by $41 million, and India by $15.7 million. The fresh fruit and vegetable sector is Exports to Romania increased by 178 percent, exports to Iraq increased by 115 percent, and exports to the Netherlands increased by 51 percent. The automotive sector increased its exports to the UK by $84 million and exports to France by $51 million. The Ready-to-Wear Garment sector increased its exports to the UK by $72 million and Spain by $47 million.

Medical product exports did not slow down

According to the same month last year, respiratory devices increased by 1900 percent, masks, and aprons by 838 percent, diagnostic kits by 167 percent, and disinfectants exports by 66 percent. In September, total exports of Covid-19 products increased by 328 percent to $92 million. In the first nine months of the year, exports of Covid-19 products reached $631 million; compared to the same period in 2019, it increased by 213 percent.

Kastamonu increased its exports by 147 percent

In September, 58 cities increased their exports. The top 5 most exporting cities are İstanbul with 6 billion 399 million dollars, Bursa with 1 billion 274 million dollars, Kocaeli with 1 billion 225 million dollars, İzmir with 860 million dollars, and Gaziantep with 762 million dollars. The most notable increases are Kastamonu exported 27 million dollars with an increase of 147 percent; Rize reached $21 million, up 64 percent; Şırnak exported 75 million dollars with an increase of 51 percent. Mining sector exports in Kastamonu increased 39-times. In Şırnak, the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable sector increased its exports by 376 percent; In Rize, the aquaculture and animal products sector increased its exports by 183 percent.

The Positive impact of parity $475 million

The effect of the recent increase in parity reflected positively on exports. We see the positive impact of the increase in parity in September at $475 million. In the first nine months of the year, the positive impact of the rise in parity was 38 million 521 thousand dollars.

“Next Generation Trade Diplomacy” activities will continue unabated

Saying “The whole world became aware of the importance of digitalization once again during the pandemic period,” Gülle said “We have completed virtual trade delegations in 11 countries with the coordination of our Ministry. In line with the demands of our exporters, we will increase the number of our virtual trade delegations in the coming period. We added a new one to our virtual trade delegations this month. Our delegation to Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile was among the first carried out by our Parliament to be the first virtual trade delegation exclusive to female exporters. Also, in Kazakhstan on September 28-30, many of our companies that participated in our Virtual Trade Delegation held bilateral business meetings. We believe that the negotiations will contribute greatly to our exports in these markets. Our Virtual Trade Delegations will not be limited to these countries, and with more than 95,000 members of the export family as TİM, we will continue our "Next Generation Trade Diplomacy" activities in target markets continuously."