Record Breaking Participation at Design Week Türkiye With 61 Thousand People

Design Week Türkiye, the most important event of the Turkish design world organized for the 4th time, brought many domestic and foreign designers together. With its record-breaking number of participants, while adding another milestone to the path of making Türkiye the most important design center of Eurasia, design awards were given to their owners within the Design Türkiye Industrial Design Competition which was held for the 8th time.


Design Week Türkiye, 2019, organized by Turkish Exporters' Assembly with the coordination of Ministry of Trade in order to construct a design culture and to introduce the designers in Türkiye to the world, brought together the essential components of the design world at Haliç Congress Center (İstanbul) between November 14th and 17th this year. The interest shown to the event, which hosted the world-renowned designers as speakers, with 61 thousand 382 people, the highest number of participants to date, was worth seeing.


During the four-day event, more than 100 speakers and over 150 designers met up with the participants in 34 panels and conferences, 53 exhibitions and workshops. Participants found the opportunity to meet precious speakers such as British Industrial Designer Sebastian Bergne, London Design Festival Director Ben Evans, Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde, Automobile Designer Niels van Roij, president of Taiwan Medical Design Association Kevin C. TSeng, International Forum Design CEO Ralp Wiegmann, Architect Melike Altınışık, Fashion Designer Arzu Kaprol and Hakan Akkaya and Economist Emre Alkin in the event, whose main theme was “Beyond Design”. In the panels and conferences held under the titles of sustainability, game design, codes of competition in design, medical design and contemporary jewelry design, the recent developments in the design world were debated.


TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, speaking at the introductory meeting of Design Week Türkiye, stated that they plan to make İstanbul the global design center next year and said that “ We endeavor to introduce our young Turkish designers to the world and introduce them to export. We will launch a new project that will contribute to the branding journey of our country. 

İsmail Gülle stated that from the social life to production and export in every aspect of our lives, that we live in a transformation that comes with global trends and he said  “To stick to the standards, to continue what was done yesterday and to plan the future with the existing methods is no longer enough for success. We are in the age of individuals and institutions who have internalized dynamism, have mastered all kinds of technological developments and watched the direction of the world carefully.

Particularly, the digital and technological transformation that constitutes the pillars of the fourth industrial revolution has restructured many phenomena with the social integration of the millennial generation. We see the most important consequences of this situation in the economy and trade life. Making the most useful, best quality product no longer makes you competitive by itself. To be rapid, to create aesthetic products, to produce in accordance with customer demands to be able to survive in the competition is essential.

This issue is not only a matter of the manufacturing industry but also of all our complementary sectors.” TİM Chairman Gülle said that they have composed an extraordinary program with sessions covering many subjects in Design Week Türkiye and continued as follows: “Growing more and more every year, organization wise,  is very important to make our Istanbul, one of the leading metropolises of the world, a capital of design. The fact that more and more people are attracted to Design Week Türkiye every year, which has hosted more than 120,000 visitors to date, is the biggest motivation for us. In the last year's Design Week Türkiye, we hosted more than 52,000 visitors for 3 days.

This year, we reached a record participation with 61 thousand 382 visitors. Next year, we will launch a new project that will also contribute to the branding journey of our country. In this context, we will organize an international organization where we will bring together all our activities for fashion and design. With this project, where design and fashion will be discussed throughout the year, we will make Istanbul an international, Eurasian regional design center and transform Istanbul into a global design center where industrial, visual and fashion design agencies will open offices.”


THEIR OWNERS A total of 62 awards were distributed in 13 categories, 8 of which were outstanding, 36 were good and 18 were conceptual awards.