Exporters Ready to Meet Nigeria's Growing Demand

The Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) continued its Virtual Trade Delegation programs with Nigeria on July 13-17 with the aim of reducing Covid-19's effects on the exports. TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said, "Although the development of the mutual trade of the two countries is important, the share of Nigeria's imports from our country in total imports is still less than 1 percent. The new goal of exporters will be to increase this rate to over 1 percent by experiencing rapidly rising demand in Nigeria". Nigerian Ambassador to Abuja Ahmet Melih Ulueren said there are significant opportunities for Turkish exporters in the Agriculture and Health sectors in Nigeria.

The Turkish Exporters Assembly TİM, which is the only umbrella organization of 61 exporters unions, 27 sectors and 95,000 exporters in Türkiye, continues its Virtual Trade Delegation programs within the scope of action plans commissioned for exporters during the Covid-19 process. With coordination of the Ministry of Commerce, TİM organized the Virtual Trade Delegation program on May 13-15 in Uzbekistan, followed on May 27-29 in Kenya, on June 15-25 in India and, between on 13-17 July in Nigeria. Within the scope of the Nigerian Virtual Trade Delegation, which was attended by representatives of many sectors, including Cement, Iron and Steel, Iron and Non-Ferrous Products, Glass, Ceramics, Soil Products, Energy sectors, 15 Turkish companies met online with about 90 Nigerian companies and held 152 meetings.

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle stated that Nigeria is the 7th most populous country with a population of over 206 million in the world and gave the following information about the exporting relationship between of two countries, “In 2019, Nigeria imported $47.4 billion and became the 4th highest import in Africa. Last year, Nigeria imported $442 million from Türkiye. Since 2001, we have seen that Nigeria's imports from our country have almost doubled. In 2019, there was a big increase in exports to Nigeria in many goods groups.  Türkiye's exports of Mineral Fuel and Oil to Nigeria in 2019 on an annual basis compared to the previous year increased 92 times, toy exports increased by 21 times, Agricultural Machinery exports tripled, glass products exports increased by 127 percent.”

Target to take more than 1 percent share of Nigeria's imports

Stating that there is a trade volume of 1.8 billion dollars between Türkiye and Nigeria, Gülle said, "Despite the effects of the global epidemic, our exports to Nigeria increased in the first six months of the year in the exports of our 15 sectors. Among these sectors, Defense and Aviation, which increased its exports almost 5 times compared to the same period of the previous year, aquaculture and animal products, which increased by 2.5 times, and cement, glass, ceramic sectors, which increased by 77 percent, stand out. Although the development in the bilateral trade of the two countries is important, the share of Nigeria's imports from our country in total imports is still below 1 percent. The new goal of exporters will be to increase this rate to more than 1 percent, with a rapidly rising demand in Nigeria. With the increase in our exports in product groups within the scope of the Nigerian Virtual Trade Delegation, it is our primary expectation to achieve high growth rates in many other sectors such as Iron and Steel and Non-Iron Products. The increase in demand in Nigeria in recent years shows that there are significant opportunities in this market for our exporter companies."

The next stop of the Virtual Trade Delegations is Pakistan

As TİM, 95 thousand members of the export family will continue their activities in the target markets with the importance of digital transformation, Gülle said: "As TİM, we have worked with our strength to ensure that trade does not disrupt during the epidemic period. In these days we have taken our business digitally and become the pioneer of Virtual Trade Delegations, virtual fairs and even the first virtual awards ceremony. 251 foreign companies participated in the virtual trade delegations of Uzbekistan, Kenya and India, while 534 bilateral meetings were held. Our next stop will be Pakistan on July 20-24, with the participation of our Minister of Commerce Ruhsar Pekcan and our Ambassador to Islamabad in Pakistan, İhsan Mustafa Yurdakul. After Pakistan, we will continue our delegations with Colombia-Mexico, Germany and Kazakhstan"

“There are significant opportunities in the agriculture and health sectors”

Nigerian Ambassador to Abuja Ahmet Melih Ulueren said in his speech that Türkiye is behind imports of exports in bilateral trade relations with Nigeria, noting that there are significant opportunities in two areas in the country.  Ulueren pointed out that, "Nigeria is a country that stands out with its young population. The average age is 18.4. 41 percent of the population is children between the ages of 0 and 15. Nigeria is putting Covic-19 much lighter under the influence of this young population. But due to the outbreak, the price of oil, which is one of the most important export items, has fallen. They have to work to diversify their economy. They are considering making significant investments, especially in agriculture, especially in industry. I think Türkiye could also be involved in this transformation of Nigeria. They also found that the health care sectors were not at a good level with the outbreak. Therefore, I think that our initiatives in the health sector will have a positive result. They will want to create an infrastructure for this. I think Türkiye will stand by Nigeria on this issue. At the same time, imports in this area will increase. There is significant potential for Türkiye in this area. We want to provide all kinds of opportunities to our exporters."