Exporter Celebrates the 97th Anniversary of Republic with Records

Exports Hit Record High of 17 Billion 333 Million Dollars in October

Turkish Exporters Assembly released its October export figures. Türkiye's exports reached 17 billion 333 million dollars in October 2020, the highest October export figure in the history of the Republic.

Record-breaking October, indicating that they left behind TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, “Our October export number is not only a record of the October month, but it has been historic, both as the highest monthly export rate this year and as a monthly export record of the Republic. Ready-to-Wear, Furniture, and Carpet sectors; the highest monthly exports of their history. Thousand 742 companies participated in exports for the first time since New Year's Eve monthly basis, we also broke a record in participation in the export family” he said.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) released temporary foreign trade data for October in Ankara. According to the General Trade System (GTS), exports in October increased by 5.6 percent to $17 billion 333 million dollars compared to the same month a year earlier.

Assessing October export figures, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, “In October, our exports were 17 billion 333 million dollars, an increase of 5.6 percent compared to the same month last year. In this way, we have signed a new Republican historical record together. Our October export figure is not just October record, at the same time, both this year's highest monthly export figure, as well as the Republic's historic monthly export record, has gone down in history” he said. Indicating that export figures show that they are rapidly adapting to the needs of the new era, Gülle mentioned they will capture $165.9 billion, which is the New Economy Program 2020 Export target.

Thousand 742 companies said “Hello” to exports

İsmail Gülle said that 1,742 companies said "HELLO TO EXPORTS" in October. Gülle, “At the same time, we have set a record for participation in the export family monthly basis since New Year's Day, especially in recent months we are observing significant increases in the number of companies that have started exporting. Our companies, which have just started exporting, exported 114 million 158 thousand dollars in October. Looking at the company privately, a total of 42 thousand 559 companies exported in October” he said.

Value-added product exports are increasing

Stating that they give great importance to value-added exports as the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Gülle said, "As in October last month, we see that our exports increase in many products with the high export value per kilogram. Total exports of our high value-added products with an export value of more than $10 per kilogram also increased in October. In October 2019, our exports of 3 billion 663 million dollars increased by 23 percent this month to 4 billion 520 million dollars. Exports per kilogram increased to $983 million in September for the highest value-added products with exports above $50. With the awareness of value-added production and export, we will reach our export target of 214 billion dollars in 2023”

Record from Ready-to-Wear, Furniture, and Carpets Sectors

Referring to the performance of the sectors İsmail Gülle said that the month of the previous year increased the exports of 20 sectors compared to the same month. Gülle continued, "Our apparel, furniture and carpet sectors, the highest monthly exports of their history. Sectoral basis, our automotive sector, which exports 2 billion 916 million dollars, retains its leadership; our Apparel sector, which reached 1 billion 858 million dollars, was second and our Chemical Substances sector, which reached 1 billion 725 million dollars, was third. In the automotive sector, exports increased by $103 million in the same month last year, while ready-to-wear increased by $305 million. Sectors that have had the strongest performance in October; Jewelry up 161 percent to $693 million; Cement, Glass, Ceramics and Soil Products, which increased by 21 percent to $357 million; Ready-to-Wear sectors increased by 20 percent to 1 billion 858 million dollars. When we look at the number of countries in which our sectors' exports to, in October, with exports to 206 countries and regions, our Chemical Substances sector was the first, our Grain sector was second with exports to 192 countries and regions, and our Steel sector, which exports to 187 countries and regions, was third.

Stunning export growth from the steel sector

In October, many sectors signed export increases. The Steel sector increased its exports to Pakistan by 37 times, to Peru increased by 11 times. In October, the Jewelry industry increased its exports to Switzerland by 34 times, to the UK by $285 million. In the additional month, Automotive exports increased by $63 million to the United Kingdom, $54 million to France, and $47 million to Poland. Ready-to-Wear sector exports to the United Kingdom increased by $77 million, to Germany by $55 million and to Spain by $40 million.

Our flag was raised in 208 countries

In October, our exporters managed to fly our country's flag in 208 countries. The share of the top 10 countries in exports was 50.8 percent, compared to 67.6 percent in the top 20 countries.  In October, the top 3 countries where our exporters exported the most; Germany with 1 billion 620 million dollars; 1 billion 495 million dollars with the United Kingdom, and 966 million dollars was Iraq. In the first ten months of the year; The top 5 countries with the most exports were Germany with $12.9 billion, the United Kingdom with $9 billion, the United States with $8.2 billion, Iraq with $7.2 billion, and Italy with $6.4 billion.

The most remarkable increase in Adıyaman

In October, 49 provinces increased their exports. The 5 provinces with the most exports, respectively; İstanbul with 6 billion 991 million dollars, Bursa with 1 billion 456 million dollars, Kocaeli with 1 billion 325 million dollars, İzmir with 906 million dollars, Gaziantep with 801 million dollars. The most notable increases are; Adıyaman signed exports of 12 million dollars with an increase of 202 percent; Rize reached $11 million, up 146 percent; Kastamonu exported 19 million dollars with an increase of 100 percent. The Machinery sector in Mardin has increased its exports by 13 times. While the Ship and Yacht sector in İstanbul increased its exports by 324 percent; In Samsun, the steel sector increased its exports by 218 percent.

 Medical product exports did not slow down

The Exports of Covid-19 products did not slow down in October. Compared to the same month last year, respiratory devices increased by 565 percent, masks, and lab coats by 548 percent, diagnostic kits by 141 percent, and disinfectant exports by 32 percent. In October, total Covid-19 production exports increased by 208 percent to $75 million. In the first ten months of the year, exports of Covid-19 products reached $694 million.

Parity effect is 483 million dollars

The effect of the recent increase in parity reflected positively on exports. In October, the positive impact of the increase in parity was $483 million. In the first ten months of the year, the positive effect of the rise in parity was $507 million.