Expedient Loans to Exporters With The Collaboration df TİM and İNG Türkiye

The loan package introduced to exporters by ING Türkiye and TİM collaboration was revised. Under the new protocol, TİM members will benefit from the Euro based 1 year term loans with a 2.50% interest and 1.85% fixed interest rates in revolving credits.

ING Türkiye General Director reviewed the protocol which allows the install payment by credit card and several digital services and said “We provided EUR 500 million worth of resources to 600 thousand exporters. We are glad to present a far more advantageous package now. We are also introducing better consumer loans to the employees of these companies.”

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said “With the normalization of our macro conditions, we expect more and more exporters to reap the benefits of this protocol and every export to assist our country's economy in a positive way, paving the way to a transformation.”