A Cooperation Between TİM And THY to Boost Exports

Türkiye will rise with exports, exports will rise on the THY's wings

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) has signed an important cooperation agreement with Turkish Airlines for discounted air cargo transportation to increase the use of air cargo and reduce logistics costs of the exporter within the scope of the export mobilization. With the cooperation, Turkish Cargo, the logistics brand of THY, will apply a discount of up to 30 percent in the transportation of Turkish export products by air cargo to 28 destinations in 22 countries. It stated, could be reached a total of more than $5 billion in additional export revenue thanks to cooperation. TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, “Türkiye will rise with exports and exports will rise on the wings of THY. Turkish Cargo also gave important support to the perception of 'Reliable Supplier Port Türkiye' by successfully shouldering the logistical burden of exports during the most challenging period of the global pandemic.” he said.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) and Turkish Airlines (THY) have done huge cooperation that will give a great advantage to the Turkish exporter in global trade. The efforts of TİM which is the only umbrella organization in Türkiye with 61 exporting associations, 27 sectors, and 100,000 exporters, to increase exports and to reduce the costs of air cargo transportation of the exporter have resulted in an important cooperation agreement with THY. As a result of TİM's cooperation with THY for the exporter to benefit from more cargo transportation, discounted air cargo transportation was provided to the exporter. In cooperation with TİM and THY's logistics brand Turkish Cargo, it was investigated which destinations exporters wanted to send, which export goods, and in what amount. With the project implemented because of these efforts, Turkish Cargo will apply discounts to exporters ranging from 10-30 percent for 28 different destinations in 22 countries.

The protocol ceremony related to the cooperation agreement was held in the TİM Foreign Trade Complex Martyr Ömer Halisdemir Conference Hall with the participation of Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, Turkish Exporters Assembly Chairman İsmail Gülle, and Turkish Airlines Chairman İlker Aycı.

In the opening speech of the meeting, Minister of Transport, and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu stated that the aviation sector stands out as a decisive competitive force all over the world in the age we live in. Karaismailoğlu said, “Today, airline transportation; As a fast and efficient mode of transportation that shortens the distances, it is strategically important in the course of global business life, world tourism and intercultural social interaction. In addition to passenger transportation, airline transportation, which is increasing day by day in cargo transportation, is one of the most important logistics modes both today and in the future. As it is known, our country, with its key location in the middle of three continents, is geographically located on the flight routes between developed and developing markets. We have the geographical advantage of being within a maximum 4-hour flight distance to 67 countries where 1.6 billion people live, have a GDP of 39 trillion 410 billion dollars, and a trading volume of 8 trillion dollars. Taking all this into consideration, we have become one of the fastest developing countries in the world with our air transportation policies and activities since 2003. We said, 'There will be no place in the world that we cannot reach' and thank God we achieved our goal to a great extent.”

“Cooperation will contribute greatly to increasing the competitiveness of exporters”

Stating that in the last 18 years, they have come an important way by making Turkish Airlines a world brand, expanding the scope of the routes, and increasing the number of airports from 26 to 56, Karaismailoğlu said, “Thanks to our strategic efforts, Türkiye and İstanbul have become an important transit center of world aviation today. Throughout our 18 years of management, we have worked to connect every point of Türkiye and make our geography the heart of the important trade routes of the world and our region. Today, we are working together to make Türkiye a logistical force. We continue to shoulder our economy and exports with our giant projects in all modes of transportation, smart mobility solutions, communication breakthroughs. We should all know very well that if we do not establish the right infrastructure and transportation system, it is not possible for us to achieve the economic and social development we target. We must be ready and make the best use of the opportunities brought to us by the economic power of the new Silk Road, which has started to focus on the triangle of Africa-Europe-Asia. No matter how difficult and challenging the road that will carry us to our goals, I believe that there is nothing that we cannot accomplish together, working day and night to build the future from today under the leadership of our President. At this point, I find this cooperation protocol between TİM and THY very important for the economic goals of our country. THY and the Turkish Exporters Assembly are two distinguished institutions dedicated to the interests of our country and striving for continuous growth.”

“Providing up to 30 percent service fee advantage in cargo transportation by Turkish Airlines will contribute greatly to increasing the competitiveness of our exporters. Likewise, the services demanded by our exporters will ensure that Turkish Cargo, the star of the cargo sector, achieves its business volume targets. IATA's reports predict air cargo revenues to reach $110.8 billion in 2020. Given the revenues recorded as $102.4 billion in 2019, it is estimated that the share of air cargo in the total sector will double to 26 percent compared to previous years. In this context, it is strategically important for our country to prioritize projects in the field of air cargo transportation and logistics. When all this happens, there will be no obstacle to Turkish Cargo being the world's number one air cargo brand. The essence of the word; Strength will arise from unity. I believe that THY, the hero of the point we have reached in aviation, will continue its successes without slowing down. I would also like to offer my appreciation to our Turkish Exporters Assembly and its valued members, one of the leading organizations of our economy, as a party to the cooperation in this place, and wish them continued success. As the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Türkiye, I hope that the cooperation protocol between THY and TİM may it go well for both sides already.”

Export is teamwork and Turkish Cargo's contribution to this is great

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said that in the most difficult moments of the pandemic when borders are closed, Turkish Cargo stands by the export family by delivering Turkish products to numerous destinations safely and quickly.

Gülle, “In May, when the pandemic's effect was felt most intensely, the share of exports by air has exceeded 10 percent. Hopefully, with this protocol, we will increase the share of exports by air. The contribution of Turkish Cargo, which enables our products to reach customers quickly, is very important in our highest September export figure we announced last September and the highest monthly export rate in the Republic's history announced in October. Because export is teamwork. Every order received by the exporter is a serious process that requires an organization with its financing, production, marketing, and logistics. Turkish Cargo also gave important support to the perception of "Reliable Supplier Port Türkiye" by successfully shouldering the logistical burden of exports during the most challenging period of the global pandemic. We export our products safely to one edge of the world within 2-3 days.” he said.

Turkish export products will be transported with a discount of up to 30 percent

Emphasizing that air cargo is always a great advantage, İsmail Gülle gave the following information about the cooperation: “Together with TİM-THY cooperation, Turkish Cargo; It will offer a 10 percent to 30 percent discount on air cargo transportation of Turkish export products to 28 destinations in the United States, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, India, Hong Kong, Sweden, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Egypt, Norway, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Thailand, Jordan, and Vietnam. By analyzing the destinations, which points are heavily used in logistics, and the number of exports to these points, we determined them in such a way that our exporter will get maximum efficiency. I wish this cooperation to be beneficial and auspicious for our country's exports. Türkiye will rise with exports and exports will rise on the wings of Turkish Airlines.

Up to 105 percent export increase was achieved with the campaigns

Stating that they are happy to announce the new export incentive campaign as Turkish Cargo within the scope of Türkiye's export mobilization in cooperation with TİM, THY Chairman İlker Aycı said: “As a result of our various campaign efforts with our export councils in the past three years, export increases of up to 105 percent have been achieved from 40 percent to 105 percent in total based on products. Aware that our exports to that country have increased with every new flight point opened by THY's logistics brand Turkish Cargo, we provide the Turkish exporter to open to new markets and to transport export products directly and quickly in existing markets without the need for transfer flights. As Turkish Cargo, we have become the air cargo brand that flies to the most points in the world, just like in passenger transportation.”

“In addition to cargo transportation by passenger planes, we have increased the number of destinations we have reached by cargo planes from 55 points to 95 points in the past four years. Being aware that every step we take in air cargo logistics will have a direct impact on the wealth and economic development of our country, we aim to add value and competitive power to our country by putting our exporters at the center. By taking advantage of Turkish Airlines' unique passenger and cargo network that is unique in the world; We continue to contribute to market diversity by delivering the value-added products produced by Turkish exporters to all corners of the world and to gain a competitive advantage in the Turkish business world in the international arena.”

With the cooperation, a total of over $5 billion in additional export revenue

İlker Aycı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish Airlines, continued, “As a result of the survey studies conducted with our exporters under the leadership of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, we offer a total capacity of 75,000 tons to the service of our exporters with discount rates ranging from 10 percent to 30 percent by the end of March in 28 destinations that we have determined to be of strategic importance for our exports. If this additional capacity allocated to our exporters can be fully utilized, it becomes possible to reach an additional export income of more than $5 billion from export products with high added value. We believe that with this campaign, which covers four continents and extends from the United States in the west to Hong Kong in the east, Malaysia, India in the far south, and Norway in the far north, our exporters will further increase their competitive power. As Turkish Cargo, we are determined to increase the capabilities of our exporters, to be a reliable logistics partner, and to continue to play a facilitating role in global commercial activities in the future as it is today.”