100 Thousand Masks Were Delivered to the USA Within The Scope Of TİM's National Production Mobilization

The Turkish Exporters Assembly, TİM, sent 100 thousand masks to the state of the Maryland, USA, as part of the National Production Mobilization, which it launched together with 61 exporters' union.

They have sent nearly 1000 hygiene sets to 165 different cities of the USA in line with the support for the global struggle with Covid-19, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle said: “As TİM, we believe in the unifying power of goodness. To minimize the negative effects of the epidemic, the development of international cooperation is of great importance. We have provided medical supplies not only to the USA, but also in China, Austria, Spain, and Cameroon. We have sent over 10 thousand hygiene kits to over 60 countries.”.

The Turkish Exporters Assembly, with 61 exporters' unions, 27 sectors and 95 thousand exporters which are the only roofing company of exports in Türkiye, continues to extend its assistance to countries in the global fight against the Covid-19 outbreak with its National Production Mobilization which it carries to the international dimension. Launched by TİM with its exporters' unions within the scope of mobilization and produced with the slogan “We have produced it for our exports so far. Now we produce for our health” 100 thousand masks were delivered to the state of Maryland. Türkiye's Ambassador to Washington Serdar Kılıç, as the representative on behalf of the TİM, has delivered with a ceremony 3 of the 74 boxes of masks to Maryland State Secretary John C. Wobensmith.

Saying that they are proud of keeping the promise of providing medical supplies to the state of Maryland, USA, TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle pointed his words: “Today, USA stand out as one of our important trade partners. In 2019, the USA was the 5th country that our country exports most. Particularly in the fight against the global virus epidemic, the strong co-operation aspect of Türkiye-USA relations has once again proven itself. This is a valuable issue for the people of both countries. Although the increase in trade volume between the two countries is gratifying, we are also aware of what our mutual goals should be when we consider the total trade volumes of Türkiye and the United States. As our Ambassador knows, we consider the target of $ 100 billion in bilateral trade with the USA as a strategic goal as TİM. Logistics Centers in Türkiye point to reach this goal will also play a big role. We are continuing our efforts to rapidly open our Logistics Centers in the UK, Dubai, USA, East and West of Africa by creating them.”

“We will overcome this epidemic together”

Gülle said that Türkiye shows that it is an important supplier and a sublime voluntary nation with its medical supplies support to all corners of the world and stressed that TİM also believed in the unifying power of good. Gülle continued, his words as follows: “It is important to develop international cooperation to minimize the negative effects of the epidemic. We have provided medical supplies not only to the USA but also China, Austria, Spain, and Cameroon. Türkiye Presentation Group, which operating in our TİM assembly, has launched the '#GoodnessFromTürkiye' project. By sending on the specific design hygiene kits to major buyers in our target market, the trade association representatives, and members of the press, we aimed to revive the spirit of solidarity. We have delivered over 10 thousand kits, with a letter to major buyers, commercial association representatives, press members, and world-renowned social media phenomenon in more than 60 countries, with an emphasis on awareness of Turkish products, with messages of cooperation and support in the fight against viruses. As of today, we have shipped nearly 1000 hygiene kits to 165 different cities in the USA. I hope we will overcome this epidemic together with cooperation.”

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