TİM Focusing On ON 2023

Our assembly, in addition to establishment of project and transformation office, spent the last year by implementing smart device application of TİM , re-desingning TİM's website and completing the work for ALO TİM call center service in order to provide rich content ' Digitalization Service' to our exporters.

The 2019-2023 period is a critical period of the 21st century, which is described as 'The Age of Reason' and global political economy between the Atlantic and Asia-Pacific is reconstructed, Turkey and its east region will continuously increase their share of trade in goods and services in the global market. Turkey needs to enable 'digital transformation' in producing and export in order to transform increasing competition and tensions in global trade within opportunities and increasing maneuverability. Therefore, headed by İsmail Gülle, Turkish Exporters Assembly spent the last year by implementing smart device application of TİM , re-desingning TİM's website and completing the works for ALO TİM call center service in order to provide rich content ' Digitalization Service' to our exporters.

 We opened a window of information with different scopes of reports prepared for each country and continent, from USA to Russia, from Mexico to China, from Latin America to Africa, while providing the ability to reach digitally all kinds of global trade data with 'Export Compass' to our exporters in order to provide details of new opportunities and new markets in their existing markets for their products and SMEs who want to take the first step in exportation. We presented our one-year roadmap with 2019 Export Report for monitoring and evaluation of our economy and export to our business environment and exporters. With RCA 1000 Report, the top 1,000 products of Turkey that are most subject to global trade, we determine the competitive advantage of 285 products of export and we have presented opportunities in numerous countries to exporters and exporting candidates producing these products.

 A year covering the second half of 2018 and the first half of 2019 that all members of TİM focused on breaking records. While the Constituent Assembly of the Republic have constructed the building blocks for the National Development Initiative of Turkey, exports also have been assumed as one of the basic building blocks. Only 17 days after April 23, 1920, on 10 May 1920, the Assembly decided: “It was decided that exports would be unconditionally free and that no authority other than the Council of Ministers would be authorized to break, limit and abolish this freedom.”

Turkey has continued “National Development” movement for 95 years. 100 years ago, establisment steps of the Republic was formed. Atatürk and all heroes of the Turkish War of Independence pointed out 'export' is the right way, our exporters crowned it with the record in the last 17 years. Turkey resolutely continues to take steps to increase export volume from $ 30 billion dollars in the 2000's  to $ 190 billion dollars in 2019. Our 90.000 exporters increased the ratio of our exports to national income to 25 percent.  Remembering that the world average is below 30 percent, and that China and India are below 20 percent, we are justifiably proud to see that the 'resurrection' that took place 100 years ago has turned into a global breakthrough for all of us.  Under the leadership of TIM and Exporters' Associations, our export family continues to carry our Republic to 2023, 100th year, with the same determination.

We have mobilized TİM's facilities and capabilities to conduct the TIM SME Export Mobilization Training Program and to carry out comprehensive and sustainable works in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship carried out by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Academy of TIM. In order to continue these activities, we will continue working with many institutions, associations and foundations such as Eximbank, Turkish Capital Markets Association, TOSYÖV and Corporate Governance Association of Turkey. Under the leadership of the Chairman İsmail Gülle, together with our management board and board of audit, sectors council and Secretariat General of 13 Exporters' Associations and 61 exporter unions  have signed a valuable perspective by meeting with Vice President Fuat Oktay and Minister of Treasury and Finance Berat Albayrak and Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan for innovation, e-export and Export Master Plan.

Chairman Ismail Gülle in the Annual General Assembly of TİM, a year ago, said that we are restructuring exports like an indispensable part of the employment and economic growth and development initiative. A year later, with the vision pointed out by a strong leader, as all members of the Secretariat General team of TİM, we wish to be present even more ambitious projects.