Our vision is aimed at achieving a sustainable momentum in our export volume, not only in the export figures. Our strategy is to focus on R&D, innovation and design, and we take it as a mission to transfer it to the public.

GLOBAL MARKETS have been in turmoil for a while, as everyone closely follows. It is possible to describe this point as follows: We are living in a world whose old mathematics has been corrupted and has not yet found its new order, it is unstable and looking for its medium. While China with communist party leadership advocates globalization, the pioneer of the free market US, opens trade wars with protective shield. Britain, one of the most powerful countries in Europe, can leave the EU; with its military and economic power, Russia is settling again in the international arena.

India, the colonial country of the past, is now the third largest economy in the world. Turkey has a very important position in this confusion. Because we are an indispensable part of both western and eastern civilization. Our young population, our hardworking people, our developing infrastructure, our stable management, our new strengths in the world is looking to strengthen our hands during these times.

It is no secret that the domestic market experienced some negativity in 2018. The impact of the international conjuncture on the exchange rate, the increase in inflation, the rising interest rates, the market has increased a market's fire little. However, in line with the ”New Economy Program” put forward by our government, we see that the balancing process has begun. Practices such as total fight against inflation, employment mobilization, R&D investment incentives were the successful policies we supported. During this period, all should work as one heart and Turkey should overcome difficulties in its entirety. On the other hand, exporters, which are our window to the world, created locomotive power in our country's growth without compromising from working. This year, while coming to TİM management we promised that “Turkey will be give a foreign trade surplus.” We said “2018 will be the year of records” and we have succeeded. While our export was a record with 170 billion dollars, we took a big step towards our goal. In the financing of the current account deficit, exports took a historical task. Half of the growth was achieved by exports.

Under this success, there are more than 72 thousand exporter's signature. In the last six months, an average of a thousand new companies joined the export family monthly. In 2019, we increase our targets even further. The number of exporters will reach 100 thousand and we will reach 200 billion dollars by the end of the year. All our sectors will work with more performance. TİM, which is the epicenter of exportation, will take the support of all the ministries related to the economy, especially the Ministry of Commerce, and will carry out the Works that will open the way of the exporter to reach our targets. We will increase our depth in Europe, which is our traditional market. By concentrating on high value-added products, we will increase our market share in Europe. We will expand the number and effectiveness of Turkish Trade Centers (TTM). Today, TTMs, which operate from Russia to the USA, from England to China at many points, will work in coordination with our companies. Turkey Promotion Group will also work towards strengthening the international image of all sectors from food to textile, from automotive to mining, by focusing on sectoral promotion activities. We will also focuson increasing the support for domestic and national production in products with high import inputs.

In December, we realize with attendance our honoring Mr. President, “Turkey's 500 Largest Exporter of Services” award ceremony, we pointed to the contribution of our service exports to our country which are not systematically reflected in the records. Such as logistics, tourism, banking, construction, education, health care, we will increase our efforts to further the development to services exports, which providing high value-added to Turkey.

All these efforts are to complete 2019 as “Year of Sustainability and Innovation in Export”. Our vision is aimed at achieving a sustainable momentum in our export volume, not only in the export figures. Our strategy is to focus on R&D, innovation and design, and we take it as a mission to transfer it to the public. As the TIM, which collects the export family under the roof, we will work with our strength to realize our promises. Export is the only gateway for Turkey's welfare. The new year will be a year for us, where we will extend sustainability and innovation to all sectors in our exports. On this occasion, we wish 2019 to bring peace, serenity and prosperity to our country and the world; I hope that our exporters will have a good success.