TİMREPORT monthly magazine of Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) is the most comprehensive magazine about the real sector.
TİMREPORT readers are exporters, representing a Turkey's economy in foreign trade with the $ 86 billion in 2006, exports and imports of $ 130 billion the total of 215 billion dollars. Exporters who are driving force of Turkish Economy created 65 percent of Turkey's economy.  That Timreport is taking pulse of the export.
From Electronics to the ready-made clothing, from automotive to chemistry, all of the performance of sectors, export data, can be followed TİMREPORT. monthly with the latest news and global development.
Family  of Timreport consist of 59 Turkish Exporters' Union and more than 42.000 exporting firms, continue their activities under the umbrella of Turkey Exporters Assembly.
Every month, Timreport is sent to the largest exporter companies, export-related stakeholders, public agencies, political decision-makers, economic and commercial organizations

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Last updated on Tuesday, February 7, 2017