Turkey rises 16 steps in 2016 Global Innovation Index

Turkey rises 16 steps in 2016 Global Innovation Index

Turkey was at the 58th position in the Global Innovation Index in 2015; this year it went up 16 steps with 39.03 points to the rank of 42nd.

  • Ninth of the Global Innovation Index report, published every year, has been issued last week with the cooperation of Cornell University, INSEAD (The Business School for the World) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
  • The main theme of 2016 annual report has been determined as “Winning with Global Innovation”.
  • Global Innovation Index examines these innovation activities of countries on a multi-dimensional background.
  • 128 countries have been examined in the 2016 annual report, which is aimed at the countries' long term growths, incentivization of their production activities and their improvements from business point of view.
  • The data generated for Innovation Index is based on two axes. These are Innovation Input Sub-Index and Innovation Output Sub-Index. Input Sub-Index consists of 5 basic components and these components consist of 3 indicators.

1- Institutions and organizations (political environment, regulatory environment and business environment)
2- Human Resources and Research (training, university education, R&D)
3- Infrastructure (informatics, general infrastructure, sustainable environment)
4- Market Development (credit, investment, trade and competition)
5- Business Development (information workers, innovation environment, information accumulation)

Innovation Output Sub-Index Consists of 2 Basic Components:

1- Information and Technology Outputs (information generation, impact and distribution)
2- Innovative Outputs (intangible assets, innovative products and services, on-line innovation)

  • Turkey ranks fourth in Global Innovation Index among medium-income countries.
  • China ranks first, which has joined the top 25 innovative countries this year.
  •  Second country is EU-member Bulgaria, the third country is United Arab Emirates and fourth country is Turkey.
  • In this ranking, Turkey is considered a North African and West Asian country. From this point of view, Turkey is the fourth most innovative country.
  • In the first three positions there are Israel, Southern Cyprus and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Global Innovation Index 2016 Ranking

  • Turkey found itself at the 58th position in 2015; this year it jumped up 16 positions and was placed 42nd with 39.03 points.
  • This year, the first rank was taken by Switzerland; it was followed by Sweden, England and USA. China was placed 29th last year; this year it rose to 25th position.
  • Turkey is placed fourth among 24 medium-income countries after China, Malaysia and Bulgaria. In the Innovation Output Sub-Index, Turkey is placed Malaysia and took the 3rd rank.
  • Turkey displayed its best performance in innovation activity and became second after China, leaving Bulgaria behind.

Turkey made a good improvement by rising to the 13th position in innovation activity. When the sub-titles of 7 main indicators are examined, it is seen that it made progress in the following fields:

  • Human Resources and research field, higher education records (16th rank),
  • Business development field, trade-competition-market scale (12th Rnk),
  • Information and technology outputs, ratio of computer software expenditures in GNP (9th rank),
  • Innovative outputs field, intangible assets (5th rank) and ratio of innovative goods export to total trade (14th rank).

However, even though Turkey was placed 42nd among 128 countries in the general ranking, it was at 88th position in “political environment” indicator and 96th position in “regulatory environment” indicator.