TIMAKADEMİ at Antalya "Target Market" Germany

'Antalya Target Market Germany' titled fifth meeting of 10 Cities 10 Countries Project within the scope of Turkish Exporters Assembly's TIM Akademi project was held in OSB Atatürk Conference Hall on November 2nd 2016 Wednesday under cooperation of West Mediterranean Exporters Union (BAIB) and Antalya Organized Industrial Zone (OSB). In the meetings held as two sessions, speakers touched upon opportunities in German market and points to regard in export to German market.

Giving the opening speech of the meeting, TIM Deputy Chairman Mustafa Çıkrıkçıoğlu stated that Antalya performs a wide range of production and told "As much as it does in investments, Antalya also makes significant progress in export as well. Export of Antalya has almost been tripled since 2005. The number of exporters of Antalya within the same period increased more than 2 times and reached up to 1134. With these numbers, it has become 7th city in terms of the highest number of exporters."

After opening speeches, the activity started with the panel subjected "Germany's Position in the Region and Market Analysis. Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin was the moderator in the panel where TIM Economist Ali Orhan Yalçınkaya made a speech with the subject of Strategical Analysis of German Market and Market Entrance Opportunities. Panel went on with subjects of Employment Opportunities between Germany and Turkey, German Market and Judicial Perspective in Trade with Germany.

Business meetings start

Having declared that Germany ranks third with 8% share in Antalya's export, TIM Deputy Chairman Çıkrıkçıoğlu told Russia ranks first with a share of 19%. Çıkrıkçıoğlu "Therefore, we believe gravitating towards German market will be a correct step for our exporters from Antalya since we experienced outcomes of being significantly dependent on a particular market this year" said. At the last part of his speech, Çıkrıkçıoğlu stated "We will evaluate risks and opportunities in German market and provide you practical recommendations about export to Germany. We are planning to take our businessmen from Antalya to Germany. Similarly, we will bring purhcase committees from Germany to Antalya and gather German business people with exporters from Antalya. Therefore, we will strive for maximizing commercial cooperation of the two countries".

Regional export multiplied by 11 times in 15 years

BAIB President Mustafa Satıcı opened his speech by touching upon the successful graphic displayed by Mediterranean export within the last 15 years. Satıcı "West Mediterranean export was 111.6 million dollars in 2000. This number went up to 1.3 billion dollars in 2015 thanks to self-sacrificing works of our exporters across the world. We have increased our export by 11 times within the last 15 years. Now, as West Mediterranean exporters, we are aiming to record a new success and increase our export to 5 billion dollars until 2023. So as to reach a goal of this magnitude, we need to perform better than ever and conduct unorthodox works. 10 Cities 10 Countries Project started by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) under the leadership of our Ministry of Economy will play a significant role in reaching our 2023 goals" stated.

Export to German increased by half

Having emphasized the significance of using the technology in production, forming an effective and functional Re-De system, branding and being preferred by always being innovative in order to be successful in German market, Satıcı "We have made a pleasant start by coming together. We will advance by standing together and attain our goals by working in cooperation. The very and only thing we have to do is to blend our experience with the elements of modern age" said.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone Chairman of the Executive Board Ali Bahar stated "This is the first organized industrial zone that successfully actualized export-based 'Sectoral Commerce Committee' programs with the support of the Ministry of Health among other organized industrial zones in Turkey. Up till now, we have visited countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania and USA with our industrialists in 8 main sectors and helped our industrialists to conduct face-to-face meetings with industrialists of other countries and strived for creating new channels of export."

TIM Deputy Chairman Mustafa Çıkrıkçıoğlu, BAIB President Mustafa Satıcı, AOSB President Ali Bahar, Döşemealtı District Governor Mehmet Baygül attended to the meeting which was the hive of interest for exporters and industrialists.